the anticlimax.

Did you know that my whole life in physical possessions that I need to move to another country weighs only 97lbs?

I found this out at the lovely Austin Bergstrom Airport… my current hang out.  Turns out there’s a delay in my flight and I won’t even leave Austin for another hour and then I’ll probably have to stay in Denver over night.  Laaaame.

Australia, I promise I’m gonna be there baby… but don’t wait up.

sites for sore eyes [and ears].

p.s.  Dog Hate Me. A new [to me] site that I’d like to share with you.  It’s like Exploding Dog but better cuz it’s all comic-ed up.  I particularly like TUE DEC 30th… “I’m a fancy drunk.”

I’ve been packing a lot and spending a lot of time with family and close ones for my last days here… so I’m leaving you a few of my favorite websites to peruse.  I’m sure you’ve seen them before…



I fell in love with Postsecret years ago and now I check it most Sundays (when new ones go up) to see if I know anyone writing secrets.  There have been times I’ve been suspicious…



Man, I love this website.  MarriedToTheSea is a brilliant comic site.  I’m sure you’ve seen it before, but I must give the artists/authors of the site particular props for all of the December 2008 entries… I haven’t seen such a solid month in a good, long time.

Also, I know that the band Mates of State isn’t new to most of you either…

Mates of State

Mates of State

I am currently obsessed with their newish CD, “Re-Arrange Us”.  You can listen to a few of the tracks on their myspace or see a couple videos from the album on their site.  Or I’m sure they have great videos on youtube.  This is how poor people listen to good music.

There you have it, my lovelies.  I’m off to tie up some loose ends for the big move.


got my hair did.

Welp, I had to go for more of a “nanny” look… so now this happened…



…look how sad and tired I used to be with long hair.  I don’t know how I did it… I’m pretty sure long hair sabotaged my kidneys.



…look how excited!  Short-haired Rachel is psyched… and she gets to go to Sonic… best choice I’ve ever made.

Yeah, ten inches gone [that’s what she said].  I donated it to Locks of Love, which is a pretty cool organization.

There you go… do I look more like a nanny?  Cuz I leave in ONE WEEK.

goin’ on.

Christmas with my family in our cozy home was wonderful.

I didn’t open many presents because my main gift was my parents helping me out with my plane ticket to Sydney, Australia.  That’s right.  I know it has been confusing to some exactly where I’ve been the last 6 months and now all the sudden I’m going to Australia… so I made a map that I find quite self-explanitory:

easy as 123... 4, 5, etc.

easy as 123... 4, 5, etc.

…there you go.  That’s the last six months.  Now when I run into old friends out and about they’ll say, “Oh hey, I saw your blog and totally understand where you’ve been the last six months and you don’t have to explain at all” instead of the usual, “Hey Rachel, where have you been?… You live in Portland now, right?… Oh, no?… California?… etc. etc. etc.”

But this will be the next 9 – 12 months:

The Vincents

The Vincents

I will be nannying for this family in Sydney for most of 2009.  January 6th is when I leave and I’ll try to keep this here thing updated so stay connected.

Oh, I’m excited.

why my family watches jeopardy.

Only one Stevens family member has ever watched Jeopardy religiously, the rest of us have only watched it with her. Grandma did a lot of stereotypical old-person stuff though.  Along with watching her fair share of Jeopardy, she played a lot of Scrabble, baked a lot of pies, and tap danced. She was an amazing woman; maybe the strongest person I’ve ever known.

Marie Stevens, my grandmother, passed away on October 18th. It all happened within a week when the doctor’s found two huge tumors in her lungs/esophagus that she had been trying to hide from family and friends. It hit us like a truck and our family will miss her greatly.

Dad, the most amazing father in the world, had many strange ways that he wanted us to remember Grandma. And one day it was that “At 4:30 we’re going to watch Jeopardy as a tribute to Marie”… he only told us about eight times throughout the day. We were all set and ready to watch when the show begins. They started to introduce the contestants and Dad reminds us that “This is for Grandma”…

[Jeopardy announcer starts talking…]

“Joe Blahblahblah, reigning champion who is kicking butt and taking names… he’s almost won a million dollars… recession whaaaaat?”

[contestant number two appears on screen.]

“Jim Stevens from Blahblah, BL… yada yada yada…”

I don’t really remember where this guy is from or what he does because at this point my whole family is looking at each other in confusion… JIM STEVENS… are you kidding me? That’s my dad’s name. So of course dad’s freaking out with the biggest smile on his face that I’ve ever seen. I have to admit, it was a lovely coincidence. So then Jim Stevens beats the reigning champion by $1 and has been victoriously appearing on the show since then.

So today, don’t call the Stevens household between 4:30 and 5. We’ll be rooting Jim Stevens on in what my father now calls, “The Best T.V. Show Ever”.

…and that’s why my family watches Jeopardy.

"I'll take The Rapist for $400."