This afternoon, I picked Craig up from school and headed towards home.  Hazel decided to take the train home… something about socializing… Craig wants nothing to do with that kind of stuff. Anywho, Craig was pretty pooped from his big Monday school day.  Not even my rendition of “What’s Love Got to Do With It” … Continue reading “AAAHHHHHHH!!”


…it’s a big deal over here.  And by big deal, I mean it’s a huge frat party.  I am currently sitting in the living room kinda watching “Friends” and kiiiinda watching all the half-naked drunk people walking to or from the beach.  One guy actually turned around in circles before walking into our yard!  He … Continue reading AUSTRALIA DAY.

this person.

I must recommend this book… …but not to everyone. My first encounter with this book was reading the story “This Person” in this bookstore: I finally finished the book yesterday… then quickly flipped to the front and started it again.  I never wanted it to end!  I stretched out the time between stories so that … Continue reading this person.