a good grapple.

[oh, p.s. i designed the current jhunderground.com banner.] Look what I found in the paper today… It reads… “Underground opts for more stylized banner* Four years since its inception, JH Underground still can’t seem to figure out what its look is. Last week the free Web log changed its banner, again. Perhaps the move to … Continue reading a good grapple.


I’ve come into a habit.  When I drive my clients to the office in the morning, I sometimes take them for a quick drive down to the Elk Refuge… for the light… the breathing… the wildlife… but it depends… it depends on the music on the radio.  They know.  They ask… – Do you like … Continue reading beautifuls.

serious hunting.

Just did a banner for jhunderground.com… JH Underground is owned and operated by the nicest guy in Jackson, Jim Stanford. When I last minutely decided I was going to move back to Jackson from Australia and had no car, no job, hardly any money and no friends with poachable living spaces, Jim Stanford came through… … Continue reading serious hunting.