bears, beets, battlestar galactica.

About the best weekend ever.

Lounging, loving on friends, coffee, cinnamon rolls, coffee.

Then my first day volunteering at KHOL [our community radio station].


I. Am. So. Excited.

I got to put together a two hour show.  I got to make a two hour long mix CD… that will be on the radio!  Srrrrrsly, how cool is that?!  And AND I can make it into a link that I can’t post [sadly] but I CAN send to lovelies!  You can hear my whole show!  Me talking and everything!  I am too excited about this… no, it’s worth it.

I really didn’t want to leave the station.  I was there for two hours and it felt like 15 minutes.  Cannot wait to go back.

Then dinner with amazings.


Katrina made her tikka masala… my favorite meal ever.

obviously i didn't like it at all.

Then laughing, bluegrass, cute bearded men, dancing with friends!, mystery neil encounter [remind me to tell these stories later], dancing, house party, throwing stars, laughing, laughing, love.

And then today.  Total lounging.

Loving it.


jules... amazing.

Watching The Office.  Eating leftover tikka masala.

Wonderful ending to this glorious weekend.

Just wanted to share.  Hope your life is filled with love, joy, dancing and lounging.

a good grapple.

[oh, p.s. i designed the current banner.]

Look what I found in the paper today…

"hay ma, me's famous!"

It reads…

Underground opts for more stylized banner*

Four years since its inception, JH Underground still can’t seem to figure out what its look is.

Last week the free Web log changed its banner, again.

Perhaps the move to a more stylized “masthead” is to confuse people interested in the TetonsOnline diaries typically feature photos of the administrator, or “blogger”, to alert readers to the nature of the content, namely the administrator’s achievements and grievances.

The erratic blog also has switched to all uppercase letters from all lowercase, an attempt to add heft (or look less “consciously” like,).

While the last two banners were dull choices from the beginning, at least they had gained measure of local originality.  Surely the creative minds on the staff could have come up with something a little less obvious than the Cathedral Group, also featured in online mastheads for the Jackson Hole News&Guide and JH Weekly.  The antler arches?

This latest change looks more like “JH Underwhelming.”

*This is a “treated” text, a parody of a JH Underground post criticizing JH Weekly for lopping of “Planet” from its name as part of a redesign [“Planet opts for more generic name, ” June 3, 2009].  Bolded sections indicate changes from the original post, hich unfortunately did not provide the framework for commentary on the artwork itself, which we actually dig.”

Here’s the aforementioned article…

I was forewarned about the JH Weekly article… Jim emailed me and said they were gonna run an article that might look like it’s belittling my work.  I got kinda nervous… but I told Jim…

– Don’t worry about me.  I’m as tough as I am tall.

Went to the coffee shop this morning, picked it up, read it.  Not upset… at all.  Pshhhh… I love it!  We need more of this stuff around.  I’m a nice girl, I don’t usually grapple… but I don’t mind watching a good one.

And I think it’s actually flattering for JH Underground.  People are paying attention to you enough to mock you in their own publication.  That’s something.

[i will say that i’m glad they expressed that they “dig” it… i’m tough, but i’m not gonna lie… i don’t mind being liked either.]


I’ve come into a habit.  When I drive my clients to the office in the morning, I sometimes take them for a quick drive down to the Elk Refuge… for the light… the breathing… the wildlife… but it depends… it depends on the music on the radio.  They know.  They ask…

– Do you like this song?

– Oh, I love this song.

– So, we’re going to see the big sheep?

– Yeah, let’s go for a drive down the Elk Refuge.

And this morning, I didn’t think it was going to happen.  I just wasn’t feeling it… until this song came on…

“please don’t forget how much I meant to you
when you are redefined by someone new”

[excuse the quality… download it to be your own.]

Gosh, I love Mason Jennings.  My favorite?  Maybe.  A connection.  A click.  I’ve been talking to a friend [a more… a sister] from Texas… I miss her.  We are so SO different… but we have things… we have love… we’ve always shared Mason Jennings.  This song made me miss/love/appreciate/laugh at/smile at her.

katy being awesome at one of her printmaking shows in portland... me stalking/loving her... hard.

Right when I moved back from Australia to Jackson, this song came on our community radio station, KHOL

I was with clients, driving… but, my goodness, it was familiar… it was right.  I pulled out my journal and wrote down…

“you’ve waited for forever and a day… just to die”

Kept looking back at it… meaning to look up the song and love it.

Heard it again today…

Laughed at myself.  Gosh, it is so beautiful… and I should’ve known.  One of the most beautiful beautifuls I know tried to introduce me to this song months and months ago…

dancing times: me, jimmy, amelia.

The day after this Australian fun, dancing, running-around night, Amelia sent me a link to this song [from this autralian band]… I’m sure I listened to it then… but I guess I didn’t need it then… didn’t even need it months ago… but today, oh today, it clicked.

[and, ugh, i miss amelia.]

Then this one.  Not a new one either.  [none of them are… i’m not hip, y’all.]  But today, ugh, I loved it.

Made me feel close to Emma.  A strong woman.  A young, creative, effing awesome woman… who inspires.  And AND she’s pregnant!  She stands up for herself, loves her work, knows her strength, finds her happiness and hits the streets runnin’ with it… every damn day.  Wanna be her?  Maybe.

All those things [those songs] clicked.  And they might not for you.  You might throw them aside, not need them as much as you need your busyness.  And that is okay.

We can still be friends.

But we will never be loves.

But I love you… you all.


serious hunting.

Just did a banner for

JH Underground is owned and operated by the nicest guy in Jackson, Jim Stanford.

When I last minutely decided I was going to move back to Jackson from Australia and had no car, no job, hardly any money and no friends with poachable living spaces, Jim Stanford came through… and I hardly knew the guy.  He let me crash, relax, regroup, reinvent… at his place.  Check out his site [like you haven’t already]… it’s where to find the things going on in Jackson Hole… underground.

Ah, yes… Jim was there for me at my messiest time.  But I feel like I’ve got things more together now.  For one, I have a job now… and it is awesome.  [for those who don’t know, i work with adults with mental disabilities… it’s like working with very big, pretty young children.]

[kinda like this:


Yesterday, I got to ski at the Village with our most apt client, Lenny.

[side note: lenny is a character… so hilarious.  he has a pilot figurine glued to the top of his helmet and always yells, “onward, mademoiselle!” while skiing with me.]

Now, as good of a skier as Lenny is, he is our most easily distracted client.  So, to get him to stop looking around on the ski hill and continue to go down with a purpose, I have to [get ready for this] tell him…

– C’mon Lenny!  We’re huntin’ for yetis!

– Oh, yes!  We must find a yeti!

It’s amazing.

So yesterday, we did a lot of laps on the easier runs and I soon discovered that [voila!] I can ski backwards!  So, that’s what I worked on yesterday, whilst Lenny followed me and we hunted for yetis.

All the sudden, we’re skiing and Lenny gets very upset and is yelling at me…

– Rachel!  We have a problem!  Stop skiing!

And I’m thinking, “God almighty, Lenny crapped his pants.”

I stop, Lenny skis up to me and makes me lean in real close…

– Lenny, what’s wrong?  Are you okay?

– Rachel!  We are NEVER going to find ANY yetis if you keep skiing backwards!  You have to keep your eye out for them!

– Haha… Oh man, you are right.  Sorry.  I will start taking our hunts more seriously.

I love my job.

And this… this is for you… you should love it…