too much.

Beckett is the four-year-old stud that I babysit.  He really is awesome. The other night, I had to pick him up from his parents’ Christmas party. I arrived and was a little taken back by how excited Beckett was about Christmas partying… running around, eating handfuls of candy, running more. Wow.  This will be a … Continue reading too much.

i win.

Christmas time is here… We got a tree.  It’s the most amazing tree everrrrr.  It has a dinosaur for an angel. And Christmas time makes me love my job more than ever.  [for those who don’t know, i work with adults with mental disabilities.] A certain client, we’ll call her Patty, gave out presents to … Continue reading i win.

oh wow.

So… Whilst shopping for lovelies online [yes, yes i know… shop local… but some things cannot be found in wyoming… just some things], I admittedly found a lot of preciousness I fell in love with.  Didn’t buy, of course, but larved. And then I found these… I’m just straight up blown away… If you can’t … Continue reading oh wow.

hardy har har.

I decided we need to laugh at ourselves more. Or, at least, I need to laugh at myself more. I’ve been giving myself a hard time for a whole second… but that is a lot less fun than laughing at myself. Laughing at myself because I ordered multiple, multiple Christmas presents online… all in about … Continue reading hardy har har.