I know there’s gonna be good times.

If this here blahg is good for one thing, it’s to look back. And looking back is usually a bit embarrassing and demoralizing. Half of these links are broken! Why the hell can’t I listen to this playlist anymore?!

You had to be there. When we were there, things were unbroken in so many ways.

Life seems to find four year cycles with me. It’s easy to find similarities in where I am now to four years ago. Semi-new to a job I am over the moon over. A new mountain town that taps into a favorite part of myself. Finding friends all over again and missing the incredible ones only 3-4 hours away. Finding me again. Finding new step in my relationship with Evan. [we’re married now.] It’s all so familiar in such different ways.

I do still take photos of myself with computer cameras. Less, now. It used to be taking dozens upon dozens and posting them on this here blahg on the regular…

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 12.40.21 AM

From this post. Which was nothing! But something. Something that was acceptable for four years ago. Those posts were—honestly—grasps at something much lesser than relevance. Existence. It’s like I had to look into that Photobooth camera to make sure I was there. I exist. I’m here.

Now I take photos one at a time. Just one-offs. At my desk. Mainly to send text messages to Evan when I’m drinking at work…

Tonight, after driving to and fro Helena for a presentation and then many [many!] more hours in the office, I found myself texting Evan another photo taken from my computer. To describe where I was at. To show I was tired. To show I found work wine.

And I could not get over how sad my eyes look! I sent it and immediately looked myself in the eyes. And as I was figuring out that I am not sad… I am tired… happy and tired… Evan texted me back…

– Your office is like a Highlights “Find These Objects” Illustration.

It made everything light. Happy and tired and smiling. Yes and yes. And then I put on so many Jimmy Fallon Lip Sync Battles and cranked out the rest of the work.

Playing this song on repeat helped as well:

Here we are. Four years later. Graduated from that time. Just in time for this time. These dance moves. These ridiculous computer-selfies.

Here we are.

[so there they were.]

fall, y’all.

I totally got called out by a friend at work the other day. After biking to work, I bounced in the door wearing my buffalo plaid jacket and my scarf and my boots, smiling and excited for coffee. My friend looked at me and said,

– You love fall, don’t you? Look at you! You say, “Ugh. I hate the cold” but you love fall so much. I bet you already had two pumpkin spice lattes today!

I have not had any pumpkin spice lattes this season… yet. But — crap — I think I love fall, y’all.

Especially when exercise = leisurely strolls with friends and sneaky wine and beautiful sunsets.

IMG_0848 IMG_0843 IMG_0868


crunching leaves. actually having time to read. or watch a documentary or appreciate some rad art-vertising. [those are basically the same as reading, right?] espresso galore. new [lovely] music.

walks for the hell of it. podcasts on podcasts on podcasts on podcasts. dates with my husband where the couple at the next table shares their ah-mazing bottle of wine with us.

dammit, I’m a cliché. I love it all.

one month.

After a crazy/awesome weekend of adventuring in the Montana mountains [evan actually adventuring. me working with film crews and being so excited about it.], we jumped in our car and drove to our most recent home — Missoula — to see Ira Glass and dine and drink and brunch and laugh with friends we don’t get to see often enough. It was a wonderful weekend.

Ran ragged, I came home from a long day working today to notes of “Happy One Month” and it hit me — one month! I have been married to my yes for a month!

A month ago today, we married. I almost forgot.

Ahh, love!

And in the mail, a card from my mother-in-law containing the medicine cards for Blue Herons and Bears — both of which made an appearance at our wedding ceremony. It is so lovely to reflect. To be thankful. To read up on our beautiful visitors. To remember…


Amidst rain and VW vans and laughs and whisky and bears and swimming and friends and family and a blue heron, we tied our lives to each others. And I can’t help but think it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. At last.

happiest one month.

photo by sidney morgan.

these hands.

Evan and I married on August 14th in a ceremony that was quickly planned and hilariously/perfectly executed.

I keep looking back and telling Evan, “Oh, we should’ve done this!” “Oh, why didn’t we do this?!”

When in reality, we were up at 5am biking to our favorite lake and then didn’t fall asleep until 3am after dancing hard with some of our favorite people. We did it all and Evan kept assuring me that we did it all, that it was perfect, but I kept Monday morning quarterbacking.

Until I was going through the maybe nine photos I took myself that day and found this one…


This photo was taken around 6:30am, right after sunrise. It was just us. Biking on a beautiful path. Evan and me. We picked a bit of sage for my make-shift bouquet and Evan tied it together with grass. It was so sweet. So perfect. This moment. These hands. This love.

I feel blessed and grateful for these hands, this man, this love, and the fact that I was able to tie my life to his… and that he wanted to tie his to mine! Yes! My husband!

It was all so perfect.

No more “oh, should’ve”s.

Only gratefulness.


quittin’ time.

I gave up on my project “July Today.” Yep. It was mid-July and my friends were in town for about twenty minutes and I knew I wasn’t going to keep doing it. And I’m not sorry. I feel a little bit sad in my heart, but I’m not sorry.

Fast forward a week and a half. Some dear friends are in town and wanted some pictures of their family. Naively, I said, “Of course! I can take family portraits!”

It is comically hard to take photos of children. I’m sure you all know this. I know little to nothing about the real world.

It was a lovely Montana night and Emma + Trask + the girls were beautiful subjects, but I didn’t seem to get the Christmas card capture…




I did find some beautiful times between this sisters. Their dad singing “We can dance if we want to…” behind me over and over. Hilarious. Amazing.



But my favorite photos came when the shoot was over. The girls were promised popsicles at the end of it all and they immediately cashed in. As soon as they were free, they stripped their clothes off and tore open their treats. I laughed and told Emma, “You can’t blame them. I do the same exact thing at 5 o’clock every day.”



They were the epitome of quitting time. Phew… Rough day.

Good days. Good summer days.

[oh, summer don’t leave us!]

Also, can’t stop listening to this:

Thanks, Ashely!