I want to be here.

It was a week ago today that I was in the ski accident. The ski accident where I lost control. Couldn’t gain control. The ski accident where I hit a tree. With my face. Whiplash. Lost consciousness. Blood everywhere. The ski accident when I broke my nose and cheekbone and bit through my lip. The … Continue reading I want to be here.

real life flourished.

I can’t let 2012 slip into the memories without genuinely declaring it the best year yet. The blahg took a hit, I know I didn’t give you much here, but real life flourished. I got to… • ski in Missoula with friends old and new. • celebrate my amazing manfriend with many Missoula friends at … Continue reading real life flourished.

van me twice.

This is what Missoula looks like today from my view: The story I’m about to tell did not have the same snowy setting, but it was colder… about 20 degrees. This is what the door to our apartment looks like: Evan and I live nextdoor to this lovely woman named Suzie… who I hardly ever … Continue reading van me twice.