enough to chill.


In all this craziness, I come home to a home cool enough to dance in and hot enough to chill in…

I sit after dancing to these…

And realize I’m wearing a look I want to call, “Flintstone Chic”…

i'm tryin' real hard to look like a dinosaur.

I realised [with an “s” cuz it almost feels like australia], tonight feels like a night where I feel most like myself.

p.s. Did I tell you I got a real person/adult job?  And how I was SO nervous driving to the interview?  But then I put on a CD the bf had made me and it started with…

And I had a moment.  Pulled over, smiled, danced… hard.  And realised that I loved myself most when I was just dancing just dancing to bad pop music/rap.  And then for a hot second felt guilty that my favorite self was not saving the world.  But, then, no!

If a world that anyone’s saving doesn’t have people who pull over, stop, take a moment to dance, in it… then I don’t want a part of that world or it’s saving at all.

So you all keep loving yourself most when you’re taking big steps forward to save the world and I’ll keep taking those little steps [recycling, eating local, biking, volunteering] to save the world, while making it all worth it by dancing by myself to ridiculousness.  [p.s. i hope you’re all making it worth it… hard.]

More on the real job… and the move to Missoula… !!  soon.

[much.much. love.love.]

worth saving.

During the Second World War, Winston Churchill’s finance minister said Britain should cut arts funding to support the war effort. Churchill’s response:

“Then what are we fighting for?”

I’ve been thinking a lot about that lately.  What I’m doing.  What we’re all doing.  What’s worth fighting for.  What fighting looks like.  What government looks like.  What this shut down will look like.  [ugh, headache… i digress.]

My friend, Colleen, says she’s “Saving the world through Community Radio”… and she’s dead serious.

I don’t know if I’m saving the world.  I will always speak up for the rights of women, of people in love, of children, of workers, of educators, of artists… And that might not be saving the world… but I’ll do my best to do my part in making it worth saving.

My radio show from yesterday:

[a few more of them found here: http://soundcloud.com/wullhay]

let’s go start a fight!

TreeFight logo by moi.

I made this logo for a local organization trying to save our White Bark Pines.  Check out TreeFight.

If you’re in the Jackson area, I hope to see you tomorrow night at the Center For the Arts around 7pm to learn more about how we can save these beautiful beasts.

And I’m so psyched on the name “TreeFight”… mainly because it totally makes me think of that scene in the Wizard of Oz… where all the mean trees start fights and throw apples at people.  It’s a motha f*ckin’ tree fight!

you wanna start somethin'?

how connected we are.

I don’t usually just refer to another person’s post.  But, I kinda want to… so I will.

JH UNDERGROUND’s Mobilizing Against Idling.

I think it’s awesome.  The one day [ever] that I leave a note on a stranger’s car, my blahg friends find it… after a morning of sitting around talking about idling.  I love how connected we are here sometimes.

yes, yes... i misspelled the second "your"... ugh, i was rushed!

Anywho, the post currently has 33 comments.  [THIRTY THREE!]  People care about this issue.  You should too.  I didn’t know much about the issue, had never even heard it mentioned, until I moved here.  I don’t know if I was just the most naive/oblivious person in the world before Jackson, or if this issue just isn’t brought up as much other places.  So, wherever you are, read the article… take it to heart.


this shit is bananas.

Went to buy bananas the other night.  Just bananas.  Well, and tea.  I’m broke, y’all.

Anywho, my options for bananas were…

Regular bananas… in a bunch… as is.


Organic bananas… in a plastic bag… every single bunch in their own plastic bag.

Really, Dole?

plasticy organicy.

Well, pick your poison.

My biggest complaints?  How the hell am I supposed to make produce phone calls with a plastic wrapping?!

i can't hear you!

[p.s. stop judging.  ain’t nothin’ wrong with a girl in her pjs still at noon.]

This one goes out to my girl, Brittnee… who listened to this song probably a dillion times when we were roommates in college.

be hope.

Hey American Friends…

How’s it going?  I hope you’re paying attention… because there’s a lot going on…

Tomorrow, President Obama is giving his State of the Union Address.  I’m sure you’ve heard about this and I hope you intend on watching.

A lot of talk about our economy.  Where are the jobs?  And then Health Care Clusterf*ck 2009/10 and National Debt Ridiculousness, etc… etc.

Over a year ago, I gathered with the Teton County Democrats and other Obama supporters to watch the election at a local coffee shop.  The excitement of Obama winning was overwhelming.  People crying tears of joy, friends hugging, hope… HOPE.  True hope is something amazing… a form of love, I believe… and we all had it.  It inspired us.

Tomorrow I join the Teton Democrats again to talk about a year with President Obama and watch his address.  There’s a different feeling in the air, for sure, but is our hope gone?  I hope not.

There are things that are not good in our world, our country, our county, ourselves… but I challenge us to [get ready for the cliché] be the change we want to see.

Get involved.  Be hope.

I’ve thought a lot about this lately.  What is important?  What are the good things I want to be hope for?

1.  People.  Loved ones and my loved ones’ loved ones and others’ loved ones.   People.

2.  Our Earth.  The beauty of it.  The abundance of it.

3.  The things that enhance our world and make community.  Love.

I don’t know where that should go, what that should mean… but it’s time to get involved.

•  Help people.  Help Haiti.  Holy Hell.  It’s a tragedy.  It’s a disaster.  Families gone.  Homes gone.  The things that are too precious to think about ever leaving us… Gone.  And we need to continue giving when the cameras turn off, the reporters are gone.  Give. Help.

•  Pay attention to the world you love.  Help it.  Reduce.  Reuse.  Recycle.  Be proactive.  Love what we’ve been given.  A stranger commented this on my last post: http://veganvideo.org/ Awakening.  Changing.  [i mean… don’t get me wrong… i love cheese as much as (okay, more than) the next guy… so, this is a whole different topic of discussion…]  But pay attention to what you eat.  Maybe you don’t change anything… but pay attention.

•  And then there’s this gorgeous world of love and dancing and smiling and crying from beauty.  [my favorite.]  Get passionate about it.  Volunteer love.  Anywhere.  What you have a heart for, help it.  Get together with others and glorify what is good.  Whether that’s art, music, climbing, skiing, faith, yoga, food, laughter, building, learning, giving, political optimism… it matters not… it just matters that the heart, the beauty, the hope remains in this wonderful, wonderful place.

I know those things aren’t really political… I digressed… I am Distracto… but you should watch the State of the Union Address.  Pay attention.

[sorry if this was lecturey… did not mean to be too lecturey.  i just got real excited about things… about the good that could be… in the world, in the states, in myself.  you know i’m not good at things… things like following through, staying focused, doing more than saying… so, i’m saying to myself as much as to all three of you who read my blahg.  so so so much love.  tons and tons.]