somebody’s ringing a bell…

  These past days I've been focusing on who I think I should be… flossing, running, meditating, making meals, eating healthy meals, not drinking, going to new exercise classes, getting eight hours of sleep, reading myself to bed… This evening, after a wondrous phone conversation about being on a board of directors [another thing], I… Continue reading somebody’s ringing a bell…

oh, so randomly. there you are.

In a new place, a disarming week(end) hits twice as hard. You look to so many things to find a bit of yourself again. And then you find yourself on the floor. Sitting in front of the speakers. Watching/listening to this again: And there you are. I love love her voice. I love love… Continue reading oh, so randomly. there you are.

lovely little things.

these days, I have to remind myself to stop and breathe in life. love the little lovely things. like the awesome card from your bff: or the valentine from your dear friends and their BABY… their beautiful, wonderful babe: or remembering to watch your all-time favorite movie near enough to valentine's: I swear I interpret… Continue reading lovely little things.

you’re going to be okay, friend.

[coffee, coffee, smoothie, coffee, wine, tea. repeat.] [and music. some real good music. played loud. I will share my faves right now throughout this post.] because I wanna be awake for this. this time of year is amazing. the sun is here. the water is alive. so many exciting things happening in life. but everything… Continue reading you’re going to be okay, friend.