just like it.

dinner_time leisure_time

a friend from jackson [and then missoula] visited our new home. we expect her to make the move to bozeman soon. it’s just so comfortable having her around. so familiar.

and then we listened to a new ratatat song and I missed the KHOL days desperately. oh, the morning scramble. I miss it.

how awesome is that video, too? dancing times galore.

it’s just like it. just like it was, but new.

beautiful times.

top eleven of twenty11.

[happy new year’s eve, y’all.]

Oh, 2011… What a crazy year you’ve been.  In looking for the music I listened to most this year, I perused the whole last year of this here blahg and at one point had to say aloud to myself, “It was a damn good year!”

And with the newness and the sameness, there will always be music.  This year so much different than last, though.  At the beginning of this year, I still lived in Jackson, Wyoming and still had two shows at 89.1 KHOL.  This time last year I did my…

I was constantly surrounded by music and my top album was a clear winner.

This year was different.  There was a move to Missoula, Montana and leaving KHOL.  Training at 89.9 KBGA and picking up a couple shows there.  Music was still constantly on, but in a different way… in a different community.  So, this Top Eleven of 2011 was oh, so different than last year’s… but still so beautiful.  A different kind of beauty.

So much music.  So many jams that I cannot get enough of… and I hope you’ve gotten your hands on…


Click on those and getya some… if you haven’t already.

Life has been beautiful, but different.  Still dancing, but differently.  Less talking about music these days and more listening… just listening.  Reflecting.  Smiling.  Dancing.  Being.

It’s all so great.  Yes and yes.  So, now I present to you… not the Morning Scramble’s top albums… not any radio station’s top albums… but mine…

My Top Eleven of 2011

[eleven] We Are Augustines, “Rise Ye Sunken Ships”

These guys came later in the game for me, but their album is solid… and wonderful.  I felt like I wanted to share this music with everyone, just everyone.

[ten] Jessica Lea Mayfield, “Tell Me”

Oh, pretty Jessica Lea Mayfield.  The beginning of this year was defined with her comforting voice and raw lyrics.  There’s no replacing songs that bring you back to a vivid time.  A realization.  A feeling.  A drive over the pass to ski with friends and look at life, laugh at each other.

[nine] Thao & Mirah, “Kill Rock Stars”

“When love is love, don’t let it go away.”  I was introduced to this album by reviewing it for KHOL and I listened to every track over and over.  Addicted.  Love it.  It’s something special when albums work out like this.

[eight] The Decemberists, “The King is Dead”

This is definitely the longest love on my list.  The Decemberists.  College called, am I right?  But I just love them.  And after surprising my boyfriend who helped me look for apartments ceaselessly in Missoula with tickets to The Decemberists at one of our favorite breweries, these guys have stolen my heart again after so many years.  We danced under the Missoula stars and sang along to almost every song, reveling in everything… everything from their gorgeous concert posters to double fisting brews to stories of Missoula to “The Mariners Revenge” antics.  Love.  Love it.

[seven] Fleet Foxes, “Helplessness Blues”

These guys really have something.  As much as I tried to not like this album because aforementioned boyfriend liked it first [not dysfunctional, just a condition of oldest siblings], I could not help myself.  I would come into the apartment and say..

– Oh, really?  You’re listening to Fleet Foxes again?  Ugh…

– Oh, I can change it…

– NO!  I mean, whatever… It’s fine… I’ll live…

And then sneakily turn it up.  It’s just too good not to love.  And so good for the winter time.  Try it.

[six] Adele, “21”

Not sorry.  Not at all.  I mean, come on…

And then…

But, I won’t lie to you, what really did it for me was the Glee Mash-Up…

You can stop judging me now, cuz I’m just not sorry at all.

[five] M83, “Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming”

“Midnight City” swept us all away…

…and I was so scared that this would be a one-hit-wonder album.  But, no.  The whole thing is gorgeous.  In fact, “Midnight City” might be my only “play on repeat” jam that had it’s album make it to the list.  Because with lovely, childhood-yearning hits like this…

…how could it not?

[four] Head and the Heart, “Head and the Heart”

There’s no denying how this band is just amazing.  I knew every word to this album in about three days.  And while they might not be the most original band on the planet, their beautiful lyrics and stomping beats will win their way to your heart without even buying you a drink.

[three] TV on the Radio, “Nine Types of Light [Deluxe Edition]”

This is a solid album all around.  TV on the Radio does it again.  I don’t have much to say about this album, really.  Don’t know why.  It speaks for itself, I guess…

[two] Foster the People, “Torches”

It’s a shame the teenie-boppers got a hold of this one.  If I hear one more thirteen-year-old singing, “Pumped Up Kicks,” whilst obviously not realizing it’s about plotting a shooting, I’ll freak out.  That being said, damn-you-me, I could NOT stop listening to that song when it first came out.  I couldn’t stop listening to the whole damn album.  I LOVE IT.  And maybe it’s because I’m part teeny-bopper, but I was/am obsessed with this album…

And my dad said they weren’t so bad live at Austin City Limits either… not bitter… in the least… at all…

[one] tUnE-yArDs, “W H O K I L L”

This was not a clear winner, but when it came down to it, I don’t think I enjoyed any other album more than this one.  So unique.  Such jams.  It might move you.  It might make you move.  Makes you sing along.  Makes me excited about everything.  Makes me wanna break things.  Makes me wanna practice some high-fives.  Makes me wanna dress up.  Makes me wanna wake them up and dance.  Makes me wanna create.  Makes me wanna share.

It does good things to me.  Hope it does good things to you as well.

Welp, that’s it folks.  There are many, many runners up.  And maybe I’ll compile a mix of favorite jams that weren’t on fave albums.  And I must give a shout-out to my, “Fave Jam that Wasn’t on a Top Album”…

And Runner Up Album Artists…

Matt & Kim
New Division
Oh Land
Zola Jesus
Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.
Florence+The Machine
Bon Iver
Sharon Van Etten

Thanks for being here!  Thanks for listening!  Thanks for being part of this kickass year!

[may your 2012 be filled with many more great songs, much more great times, and too many smiles to keep track.]

they’re supposedly very intelligent.

How do I explain this feeling?

Starting over, but differently.

I am not running away… I am running towards.

But I envisioned running towards, getting there, crossing some “you’ve done it!” finish line and a celebratory toast with new loves.


Still running.  Looking around like, “this is a great and beautiful run, but where the hell’s the aid station?… I’m exhausted.”

And yet, I’m up at almost 11, drinking wine, watching a go-to:

[my goodness, so precious.]

[and then one of my favorite scenes from any movie… that slow-mo hand… ugh.  love it.]

It’s solace for not being here tonight:

designed by moi.

I hope it was a gorgeous night for Jacksonites and they fell in love with biking over to sit under the stars and have a brew whilst watching Elliot try and save his new best friend.

If you’re not watching E.T., you should go watch this:  [most of you have heard this before.]

…but seriously, add it to your Netflix queue. [<—weirdest word, i just realized.]

And if you’re not watching, yet listening, take a listen to this:

…I’ll love you forever.

Oh, who are we kidding… I’ll love you foreverforever anywho.


where you going?

– You haven’t updated “wull hay” in a while.

– Yeah, I know.  I just don’t know what I would say.

– That’s understandable.

– Just so much going on in my head right now.

What would I tell you?

How I made a checklist for my last weeks in Jackson and fulfilled it 75%… reminding me of falling just a bit short…

How sad it was to say goodbye to KHOL… and the realization that it saved me from myself… http://soundcloud.com/wullhay/the-last-morning-scramble…

How I had a full-on meltdown after my last soccer game…

How my new apartment is part of a little dream I’ve had for a while… I cannot wait to live LIVE there…

But, no, all things that come back to craziness too quickly.

So, I’ll tell you about wise words from Bardman.

On one of my last days hanging out with Bard, his dad was driving back most of their stuff to later meet the rest of the fam in Boulder.  He wanted to meet up with us in town to say goodbye.

I was caught off guard by him wanting to say goodbye to me… I guess I’ve been so numb about it all that I assumed he was just saying goodbye to Bard.  When we said our goodbyes and hugged and he wished me luck on my new travels, I got back into the car where Bard was already sitting.

As I fought back tears and reversed the car to get out of the parking space, Bard said…

– Ray Ray, where you going?

I composed myself, thinking of where we were going next and how to answer Bard.  I put the car in drive and started moving forward, when Bard, noticing the car, asked…

– You going forward?

– [crying now, smiling.]  Yeah, Bardman… I am going forward.

act your age or care.

[wull hallo.]

I hope you’re doing well.

I’m doing pretty awesome.

“Oh, why?” you ask… from across the room… wondering why I’m dancing like that.  [the happy burst that comes from deep within… spurred by the simplest thing.]

“Because I got a plant in the mail today… A plant that lives in a dinosaur.”

the coolest? mayhaps.

HUGE thanks to Lisa [the bffffffff] for just the coolest way to have a green thumb.  I miss you, Lisa [she’s living fabulously in italy] and when I get gift from you that reminds me just how rad you are… my goodness, the missing is outta control.  Thank you!  I love you!  [kissy kiss.]

I got did up for a fashion show this past weekend.  They did my hair, make-up, clothing… ’twas spectacular.  I popped and poured bottles all night for important people and had a BLAST.

I also had a radio show on Wednesday morning.  ‘Twas awesome.  One of my favorites to date.

Here’s a lovechild design of those two happenings…

But, you should be the judge yourself:  http://soundcloud.com/wullhay/morning-scramble-june-22-2011

It includes everyone’s favorite jam right now:

Momma and Daddy sent a card.  Wrote the sweetest things.  Pops ended it with this…

“The secret to not getting old is to never act your age or care what others think.  I don’t think that will ever be a problem for you.
& forever young.  DADDY”

Have to remember.  Not acting my age?  Not a problem.  Caring what others think?  Harder.  But, you know, what is there if there’s nothing to improve upon?

less ridiculous.

I have been up to a lot of ridiculous things lately.  And I fully intend to share with you later.

Here are some of the less ridiculous…

One amazingly adorable dude I’ve been hanging out with is back!

precious photo by dan long.


And some tunes to soundtrack these gorgeous, smile-filled days…


help tide you.

You might have noticed that I didn’t have my Morning Scramble this morning.

Worry not.

I’ve moved it to Wednesday mornings.

Until tomorrow, this should help tide you over…

the playlist.


the woman behind the curtain.