where i’ve been for the last week…

Rafting the Middle Fork of the Salmon River was [hands down] one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

Words trying to spell out the laughs, scares, beauty, realizations, breathlessness… would fall short.

So, in hopes, here are some photos to explain…

[in almost completely random order…]

[a week for the books.
a time to always remember.
remind myself of.
the importance of love.

[photos from the arty and amazing evan smith, finn’s facebook and maybe maybe myself.]

act your age or care.

[wull hallo.]

I hope you’re doing well.

I’m doing pretty awesome.

“Oh, why?” you ask… from across the room… wondering why I’m dancing like that.  [the happy burst that comes from deep within… spurred by the simplest thing.]

“Because I got a plant in the mail today… A plant that lives in a dinosaur.”

the coolest? mayhaps.

HUGE thanks to Lisa [the bffffffff] for just the coolest way to have a green thumb.  I miss you, Lisa [she’s living fabulously in italy] and when I get gift from you that reminds me just how rad you are… my goodness, the missing is outta control.  Thank you!  I love you!  [kissy kiss.]

I got did up for a fashion show this past weekend.  They did my hair, make-up, clothing… ’twas spectacular.  I popped and poured bottles all night for important people and had a BLAST.

I also had a radio show on Wednesday morning.  ‘Twas awesome.  One of my favorites to date.

Here’s a lovechild design of those two happenings…

But, you should be the judge yourself:  http://soundcloud.com/wullhay/morning-scramble-june-22-2011

It includes everyone’s favorite jam right now:

Momma and Daddy sent a card.  Wrote the sweetest things.  Pops ended it with this…

“The secret to not getting old is to never act your age or care what others think.  I don’t think that will ever be a problem for you.
& forever young.  DADDY”

Have to remember.  Not acting my age?  Not a problem.  Caring what others think?  Harder.  But, you know, what is there if there’s nothing to improve upon?

western-shoot-out meets acid-rock-chic.

HAY!  Wanna seem my new scarf?

I knew you would…

an abbie miller original.

Abbie Miller made it and gave it to me for my birthday.  THE RADDEST.  [her and the scarf.]  I LOVE it.  But, am I cool enough to pull off this western-shoot-out meets acid-rock-chic look?

…I’m sure as hell gonna try.

Wanna know what I’m listening to right meow?

I knew you would…

[watch out, theres a sneaky track at the end.]


[older but refound and loving.]

tunes, shoes and previews.

Crazy awesome weekend.

Will tell you all about it sooner than later.

Until then, listen to my radio show from Thursday that I forgot to post:

And help me find where I can buy these:


And, okay, I’ll give you a little sneak-peak of The Eye Patch Olympics:

chrissy on the obstacle course... man, she's awesome!

why is my house all the way over…

Some things I just want to share…

[this song.]


[this hilarity.]


[a star wars photo.]

i just think this is so hilarious. boba fett and darth vader gossiping over coffee, r2d2 looking on disapprovingly and leia checking her texts. just another typical day in the galaxy.


[and this song.]


[oh, look!  i made this logo.]


[okay, and two more star wars photos.]

please note chewbacca... and then note that his costume was a giant stuffed teddy bear the day prior.


[wait… where’s r2d2?]

theeeeeeeeeerrrree she is. gosh, i love this photo… such an amazing costume/day.


[that is all.]


The Pole Pedal Paddle: A Story.

Once upon there was a great team named, “Two Boobs and a Beard.”

[not shown… yet.]

One delightfully sunny, yet still a bit cold, morning, the team was separated by a huge mountain.  The boobs part of the team [renamed, “The Black Widow”] had to ski down three miles of icy snow to get to the beard part of the team…

only one tiny, little binding mishap and she survived! with a smile!

On the way down The Black Widow found the team’s beautiful ally in the sea of the cheering crowd…

might have to find a permanent place for this picture on the blahg.

…Colleen quickly became Two Boobs and a Beard’s SSAG.  [surprise support and gear.]

Anywho, the beard part of the team [quickly renamed, “The Fringe”] had to run [literally] because he said there were a few asses he had to kick on 10 kilometers of skate skiing.

[not pictured.]

But he said he’d check in with The Black Widow when he was done, right before he biked 19.8 miles…

"what? oh, did you need help? i'm posing."

The Black Widow vowed to follow him… not let him get away…

...and take pictures of him while hooping and hollaring.

And this is where the team’s super surprise SAG stepped up and carried so much gear [while walking really fast] while Two Boobs and a Beard started a quest by sea [river].  Did you forget what that beautiful SSAG looked like?

the BEST.

And while the boat portion of the day’s quest was trying, paddling for 9 miles of first and second class rapids, The Fringe and The Black Widow finished…

also, the black widow brightened up a bit by putting on a green wig.

The quest was over!  The Black Widow finished her first Pole Pedal Paddle ever and couldn’t stop smiling!  Until the team had to deal with all the clothes and gear from the day…

an explosion.

…Colleen [the SSAG] describes this as an, “Endearing Shit Show.”  [love.]  Everything was so confusing/hard at this point of the day for Two Boobs and a Beard.

But they made it back to the Village [where their quest began], only to find that the Endearing Shit Show got second place!  And that so, so many of their friends did so well as well!

second placers holding up a first placer! so happy!

Yep!  The famous Anna Davis did the race all by herself in the race division and won FIRST.  Fastest woman in the world.  Elliot and Dan also did the race all by themselves [Elliot – rec division, Dan – race division] and they both got second place!  [two boobs and a beard were in the rec division… if you couldn’t guess.]

Well, the day was already about as awesome as it could get when they went to the awards ceremony.  Two Boobs and a Beard got their second place prize, which ended up being awesome red hats with The Black Widow’s design on them… !!  [awesome.]

And then THEN The Fringe won the grand prize at the raffle!  A brand new cruiser bike!  He was in the bathroom so The Black Widow had to accept it for him!  So they’ve made the mutual decision that it’s both of theirs.  [obviously.]  So nice of The Fringe.

two boobs, a beard and a bike.

All in all, it was one of the best days ever… EVER.

The End.

she was your age.

A little Friday refresher of some finds I think you’ll enjoy…

This website: http://picturesofmymother.com

It’s so wonderful!  Your mother… where you came from… when she was your age… the same.  Such a beautiful thing.

Gosh, I love it.

And this movie:

It’s delightful.  Raw.  Different.  Indie [get ready… if you like “indie”, you’ll love… if you don’t, you’ll hate.]

And then this little thing:

It’s my show from yesterday and I larve it.  Not so much the talking I had to do… but the music… LOTS of new stuff.  Great new listens for you.

Take a listen and I’ll post the playlist later if ya like.

Much love to all.  Hope your week was wonderful and the next gets started off with just a mind-blowing weekend.

[too much?]