it’s a bird! it’s a plane!…

Nope. IT'S MY NEW PTERODACTYL RING! Wow.  Awesome. My new friend came in the mail from the awesome mother, wife, friend, runner, dancer, Victorite, Lauryn. But he did come with some rules... Instructions for Dino-myte 1) Wear @ least 1x per week DONE.  Well, thus far, I've worn it every day I've had it.  I… Continue reading it’s a bird! it’s a plane!…

[wow] happy.

Found this... ...this morning, in my favorite e-magazine: Picame. And it made me happy... because I am happy.  !!  [whoa.] Having my mom here is a great gage to how life is going.  I find myself getting excited about showing off every aspect of my life here in Jackson. This is where I work. These… Continue reading [wow] happy.

for so long.

Yes, yes... What you've read in all the gossip mags is true: I've bought the domain "". Professional, right? Yes, I've officially spent money on a non-profiting website... outlet... a blahg, if you will. ...and I'm psyched. It's a very symbolic [i don't think this is right but i'll roll with it] part of my… Continue reading for so long.

let it go. this too shall pass.

I'm sick. But it's understandable.  After running around during a crazy holiday season, staying up til wee hours with friends singing and dancing our hearts out, skiing as much as possible [yes, with a cast], being a justified emotional trainwreck for a whole second, working like crazy... it's understandable. "Give yourself a break," is what… Continue reading let it go. this too shall pass.

nothing under my skin but light.

Too much love.  Too much excitement. Don't know why. So here I go. Sitting in the library, next to the poetry section, which holds like [i don't know] a hundred Billy Collins books, makes me feel close to you.  All of you. I love libraries.  Duh, who doesn't? I wish I could run around one… Continue reading nothing under my skin but light.

ride into the sunset.

Things I'm obsessed with right now... A friend with near flawless musical taste shared this: and now I am addicted.  Like, srrrrsly. One of my favorite artists: put up some new stuff. I larve it... The coolest pop-up book I have ever seen... Oh, and my love, Lindsey, has a new website that… Continue reading ride into the sunset.

i am done.

It was a hard year.  The hardest yet. Last fall.  Leaving Yosemite in a blur to try and soften the blows of a family emergency and my sister's divorce.  The darkness of that. Fresno.  The tears of family, the delicacy of a two year old in question in your arms.  Hard. The frustration of uncertainty.… Continue reading i am done.

…and then lied about it for the next two years.

After a long day, I came home to this... It reads... "Ray-Ray- Sorry I ate your dinosaur cookie from Bishop and then lied about it for the next two years.  I got you this replacement from Pendl's*.  It's technically a tea cake, but it's the best I could do. Looove You, A." You must be… Continue reading …and then lied about it for the next two years.

that’s just the way it is.

I'm better now.  Well, not sick... that is.  And better all around, actually... yes and yes!  Getting settled.  I own a bed now... I'm sitting on it right now... holler! [earlier tonight... as Dan and I are parting ways after my soccer game...] Dan:  Well, call me if you wanna do something later. Me:  You… Continue reading that’s just the way it is.

magic presents strike again!

Alright.  This is incredible.  You [all the subscribers out there... who will one day get their subscriber complimentary tote bag] might remember my post about magic presents.  Well, the magic present force is getting stronger... or at least quicker... Coincidence (?) Package #3: This morning I woke up absolutely pining for lemonade... it's something I… Continue reading magic presents strike again!