she was your age.

A little Friday refresher of some finds I think you'll enjoy... This website: It's so wonderful!  Your mother... where you came from... when she was your age... the same.  Such a beautiful thing. Gosh, I love it. And this movie: It's delightful.  Raw.  Different.  Indie [get ready... if you like "indie", you'll love... if… Continue reading she was your age.

hope that something pure can last.

Oh, the Post Office has been so exciting lately.  It delivers. What have I received lately?  Oh, I'm so glad you asked/care. My new reading glasses came.  They are not for reading... well, okay, they are... but for me, they are for staring at a computer.  It's sad, but my eyes have started hurting after… Continue reading hope that something pure can last.

a little “one on one”.

Oh, fall is starting to settle in... can you feel it? Here are some amazing things for your enjoyment: [ah-mazing.] First of all, you have to read this: Because of Ashely, I have been sitting here laughing hysterically at the amazing descriptions of some amazing tunes.  Thanks for sending! Great Tunes + Great Laughs… Continue reading a little “one on one”.

just some things.

finally, the flat white explained... along with many more... and... well, this is kinda mean... but i couldn't help myself.  as a graphic designer, you get to do a lot of rad stuff... but sometimes you have to put up with some ridiculouses.  hilarious, must read: soon soon i will write about my music… Continue reading just some things.

smiles are pretty.

[everything is just so so exciting.] Yesterday I awoke early and started out on my bike.  The Tetons beamed in the morning light at me whilst I yawned into a smile.  I thought, I am so lucky. The loveliness of this now.  This day.  This love.  This joy.  I am lucky. I sang this song… Continue reading smiles are pretty.