that’s a cold-ass honkey.

In the playroom of the home I grew up in [until ryland came along and it was bedroom number three], we collected felt flags. Everywhere we went: baseball games, amusement parks, national parks, etc., we got a flag. To hang up in the playroom.

So when I saw this…


I was immediately brought back. I want it so so badly for my little office. Wait, have you seen my [our] little office?


It’s fun times. And I want that little felt flag to inspire, to encourage, to affirm… but my goodness, close to forty big ones for decoration is not a part of life right now.

What can I afford these days? Thrifting.

And that’s part of why I am ob-sessed with this song/video these days:

I’ve been dancing to it a lot… smiling from ear to ear… wearing my new thrift shop finds…

[p.s. you should click on that song and then watch me do this…]

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triannual torrential.

Things have been up and down and beautiful and sleepy and tough and smiley.


Wondering about blahgging:

“It is better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than to open it and remove all doubt.” – Mark Twain.

Should I be keeping my mouth shut more?

Ah, well.


Favorite song right now…


I worked in the garden the other day for the first time… in… well… ever.

‘Twas a blast.  Especially with some Dig beer by New Belgium.  My new trend is to drink beers themed after my favorite activities.  Case in point.


The other day at work, I had to cry… like, really cry… and when that happens, I like to quote Tina Fey…

“…I’m not supposed to admit that there is a triannual torrential sobbing in my office, because it’s bad for the feminist cause. It makes it harder for women to be taken seriously in the workplace. My crying three times a year doesn’t distract me from my job any more than my male coworkers get distracted watching March Madness…”

It’s true.

After finishing up the tears, I had a meeting with a guy friend at work and he asked what was up.  I told him that I allow myself three cries a year at work…

– But you’ve cried twice today…


You just have to have a good cry every once in a while.


The other day, I showed up to spin class early.  A woman was on the bike next to me and we were warming up.  Those bikes are really close… uncomfortably close.

I noticed that I kinda smelled bad… repeat work-out clothes… whoops.

The woman next to me finally broke the silence and said…

– Thank god that smell is finally starting to go away.

– Oh, sorry, that was probably me.

– What?

– That smell… it’s me… sorry.

– What?  No, they painted in here last week.

– Ohhhhhhhkay… yes, the paint.  THAT smell… THANK GOD it’s gone!


My best friend and I are going to go to Greece this summer when I’m visiting her in Italy.  We booked a room at this fancy pants place:

I told her I’m so excited about beaches and pools and sunshine, and I’ll try to play it cool, but in reality, this is what I’ll look like:


And this is for all my literary lovelies…


Oh, also, I think “The Skin I Live In” is the best movie I’ve seen by far thus far in 2012.


Oh, also, this is this here blahg’s 500th post!  What!  What!  wull haaaaaay…

rogue deer wandering.

Anna and I have been friends since the days of Alpinist magazine.

We lived in the Swamp House together, with her gorgeous sisters, awesome boyfriend [dan], and random interns…

We’ve been on many an adventure to Yosemite, danced on tables in Vegas, made tons of Valentines for loved ones together, ran together, skied together, laughed together, cried together, moved together, grown together… I couldn’t think of my life without miss Anna Davis… and her ah-mazing pick of a partner, Dan… who has taught me so much as an awesome friend and always played the role of [fun] big brother when needed.  [side note: no one rollerblades faster than dan abraham.]

So, when I found out that Dan and Anna were tying the knot, not only did I insist on making them some sweet Save-the-Dates…

…but I really was gunning to be IN the wedding.  I’ve told Dan and Anna [“danna”] this since the beginning.  I just love them so much!  And I was there when they started living together!

So, when I asked Anna who her officiant would be, she said, “I’m not sure… but Dan is taking applications.”  And I jumped at the opportunity!

I sent the following to Dan…

[note of disclaimer: these documents are filled with inside-jokes and a few things that could maybe maybe be found offensive to certain peoples… but were only said in grasps for humor. enjoy!]

“In Regards to the Open Officiant Position

Dear Mr. Abraham,

How many weddings have you been to?  What?  I can’t hear you.  People who have been to more than fifteen weddings can’t hear when people try to talk about attending under ten weddings.  It’s science.

In attending these 15+ wedding ceremonies (and being in most of them), I’ve become quite the expert at how they are supposed to go.  And, sure, I’ve had my criticisms:

• Too much crying.

• Too much cleavage.

• Wait, are you kidding?  We’re singing?

• Too long.

• Too many children.

• Not enough attractive groomsmen.

• Where are the little cups of wine that are usually passed around?

But I believe that those criticisms have helped me grow as a potential officiant of your wedding.  And although I would love for you to have a ceremony just like this: , I will cater to your wishes for this very special ceremony… Plus, I know you guys are more of a Lil’ Wayne couple.

Attached, you will find a résumé listing all of my qualifications for this coveted position.  I will give you a call later in the week to follow up with you.  Please feel free to call or email me if you have any questions.  I look forward to hearing from you.


Rachel Stevens”

And I thought I was just hi-larious.  I thought I had won… no matter if I got the gig or not.  But then, I was just sitting at work [in MIssoula] and got up to check my office mailbox [which is miles away from Jackson… where Anna and Dan live], when I found the following folded up in my mailbox.  Unbelievable!  How did she do it?!

[note: the highlighting and note were obviously added later… when scanned in and emailed back.]

I really cannot wait to be a part of the ceremony of such good friends declaring that they’re in it for the long haul.

Precious, exciting times ahead!

anna and myself canoeing on string lake, summer 2011, photo courtesy of miss grecious.


I moved to Missoula, Montana.  [we all know this… cuz we’re all just on the edge of our seats watching the quarter-life excitement that is my life.]

Why?  Well, I got a job… an awesome job.  But I was ready to move.  I was done with the person I had become in Jackson, Wyoming.

And when you’ve recognized that you’re done with a stage of your life, a time, it’s hard to grow… you stop growing because you’re so done with it.  And as a result, I started really not liking the person I was in Jackson.  I had so much potential, so much inspiration, so much TIME, so much love around me… and I’d constantly, minute by minute, let it pass by me… me: sitting on the couch in my pajamas at 11am.

So, I got the job, I made the move and I vowed to start things off as the Rachel I know I can be.

Except that I didn’t really do that…

I mean, I went through all the motions:  Got the great apartment.  Signed up for a novel writing class.  Joined a gym.  Volunteered.

But I never really committed:  Never decorated.  Felt completely anxious the whole time and have written maaaaaybe 600 words.  Never engaged with anyone that I work out with.  Felt overwhelmed with another obligation.

And yesterday was my breaking point.  I am so. happy. here… Why can’t I just jump in?  Why am I still living in Jackson?  Why am I more invested in Wyoming [and my wyoming self] than this Montana life [and my excited montana self]?

It’s like this tiny little puppy jumping up, nipping at my heels like, “HEY… HEY… HEY… HEY, YOU!  CAN WE GET OUT THERE?  CAN WE GO?” and me, sitting at this desk, saying, “Hey, hold on… I’m not ready, I have things to do.”

But yesterday, it all changed… I said, “Okay, let’s do this.  I’m ready to get out there.  Be here.”

And being the woman of symbolism I am, I called up a highly recommended salon and asked if I could come in to cut all my hair off.

– Yep… 5:45 work for you?

– Like… in 20 minutes?

– Sure… Yeah, otherwise it’ll be a couple weeks if you want Abby.

I wanted Abby… or so my friends had told me so beforehand.

– Alright, let’s do this.

I was heading to the gym… I turned around.  I went and cut off almost a foot of hair.

And I. LOVE. IT.

So much release.  Because this is so different: This is Montana Rachel.

Time to start a new… really jump into it.  Commit.

Like a woman in my writing class said last night…

– If your hair ain’t right, nothin’s right.

[things are right.]

for now.

social internetting is HARD these days!

complaining about nothing = everything is awesome.  [remember that.]

i am completely obsessed with this project…

[side note: in this life, sometime, i will design posters like these and wear dresses like these…]

totally ob-sessed.

these all come from here: and i was informed of them via my friend, ashely.

can someone find me a dress to match the decemberists poster i made ages ago?…

and you should know that i completely intend to deliver you [the reader, my love, a subscriber] a mix of music of some sort in the near future… and you’ll have to listen to these songs and envision me bed dancing [get your mind outta the gutter] to all three of these for now…

…i love this video.  i think florence [and her machine] are awesome.

[it’s all this and it’s all now… for now.]