my favorite laugh.

When Evan finished his first semester of—official—nursing school, I did a little celebratory dance for the occasion. And—of course—I watched the video over and over, because I’m addicted to that laugh. The beginning of this journey feels like so. long. ago. Because it’s been a really long journey—this whole Evan-in-Nursing-School thing. He has worked nights … Continue reading my favorite laugh.

engagement photos.

Evan and I have spent the two months of our engagement driving back and forth from Missoula, Bozeman, and Jackson. Things have been a little more insane than usual with us both finishing up our semesters (my final!!!!) and moving and new jobs and new communities and whatnot. But being engaged has been amazing. I … Continue reading engagement photos.


Today has quietly come. Last year, on January 21st, I finally exhaled. I had survived one year. I had made it a year since my huge — life threatening/changing — accident. It’s been two years. Two years. In 2013, I survived. It was a whole year in survival mode. A painful and fragile existence. And … Continue reading TWO.


to celebrate, let me show you some of my favorites… this will always be the most hilarious halloween video ever made: i definitely held true to this theorya of halloween costumes… since i went as billie jean king and my bearded manfriend went as bobby riggs… i don’t know how i feel about how easily … Continue reading HAPPY HALLOWEEN!