a few good men.

I have a lot a lot of talented friends.  And I love collaborating with them... or at the very least, watching what they do. My incredible musician friend, Bobby, is part of Rollover Mariner.  I made this gig poster for him: After saving an Illustrator jpg, it decided to change itself colors.  But I kinda… Continue reading a few good men.

without blinding. without exposing.

The light of the 6 o'clock hour in Jackson is just gorgeous.  I stepped outside and walked a few steps before actually saying, "This is gorgeous." It is bright without blinding.  Light without exposing.  It is so still.  So right. And cold. It feels as though the light of the day has been frozen and… Continue reading without blinding. without exposing.

i got nothin’ to worry about.

There are some random things in life that I love more than I can explain... but I'll try to convey this one... Scratchy radio. I love it.  Listening to good songs on a station that sounds like you're just barely getting it... like you're lucky to have this listen... like it's telling you, "Remember the… Continue reading i got nothin’ to worry about.