to celebrate, let me show you some of my favorites…

this will always be the most hilarious halloween video ever made:

i definitely held true to this theorya of halloween costumes…

since i went as billie jean king and my bearded manfriend went as bobby riggs…

i don’t know how i feel about how easily identifiable i was as billie… but at least i wasn’t explaining my costume all night.

also, my mom’s very favorite halloween joke: https://rachellaurenmarie.wordpress.com/2009/10/31/my-moms-favorite-halloween-joke/

and then there’s this. not exactly halloweenie, but eerie in the best way. it’s a long video, and i think i’ve posted it before, and yes, it’s forever long, but i love it:

[happy halloween, lovelies!]

that’s a cold-ass honkey.

In the playroom of the home I grew up in [until ryland came along and it was bedroom number three], we collected felt flags. Everywhere we went: baseball games, amusement parks, national parks, etc., we got a flag. To hang up in the playroom.

So when I saw this…


I was immediately brought back. I want it so so badly for my little office. Wait, have you seen my [our] little office?


It’s fun times. And I want that little felt flag to inspire, to encourage, to affirm… but my goodness, close to forty big ones for decoration is not a part of life right now.

What can I afford these days? Thrifting.

And that’s part of why I am ob-sessed with this song/video these days:

I’ve been dancing to it a lot… smiling from ear to ear… wearing my new thrift shop finds…

[p.s. you should click on that song and then watch me do this…]

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may all your glasses be clean.

A couple weeks ago, I entered a contest on Facebook to win a pair of sunglasses.  I can’t tell you just why I entered, or how I even found out about it, but I’m glad that I did… because I won!

The sunglasses are made by Bodega + Shwood out of whiskey barrels from Bushmills Irish Whiskey.  Cool, right?

I expected to just receive a flimsy cardboard box with the sunglasses in the mail and that would be great, but today I got the glasses in the mail… and… wow.

It was just the most amazing packaging ever.  I love this stuff.  LOVE it.  I had to document it.  And, now, I would like to share it with you…



Amazing box.  With a little tool?  Yes?  I’m a little embarrassed to admit how long it took me to figure out how to open the box that was nailed shut.  A moderately competent human [or monkey] would have figured out instantly that you use the handy pry-bar they have provided.


Open sesame…




Look at how amazing even the box is!  With the wood texture and the laser-cut lettering.  [evan in the background being as patient as ever about my ridiculousness… side note: i came home singing a song and doing a dance about how excited i was about these glasses.]








“Handmade In Oregon”

Isn’t that just the best?  I can’t get over how awesome and personal opening that box felt.  And all for sunglasses!  AH-MAZING sunglasses… but it was like one of my best friends made them for me and then packaged them up to send them to me.  LOVE.

And then Evan tried to take a photo of me wearing them and I just felt so awkward…


But, you know when I don’t feel awkward?  Singing “I Wanna Be a Supermodel” and posing with lovelies…


Thanks so much Bushmills, Bodega, and Shwood!  The prize was more amazing than I could have imagined!


for now.

social internetting is HARD these days!

complaining about nothing = everything is awesome.  [remember that.]

i am completely obsessed with this project…

[side note: in this life, sometime, i will design posters like these and wear dresses like these…]

totally ob-sessed.

these all come from here: http://theshallowend.tumblr.com/ and i was informed of them via my friend, ashely.

can someone find me a dress to match the decemberists poster i made ages ago?…

and you should know that i completely intend to deliver you [the reader, my love, a subscriber] a mix of music of some sort in the near future… and you’ll have to listen to these songs and envision me bed dancing [get your mind outta the gutter] to all three of these for now…

…i love this video.  i think florence [and her machine] are awesome.

[it’s all this and it’s all now… for now.]

i mainly spoke.

I had such a pleasant weekend.

Started off with a very social event and that must’ve shocked my system because I mainly spoke to myself the rest of the weekend.

I designed this little logo for my friend Christy’s fashion blahgging…

When she’s got a post up, I’ll definitely be re-posting.

Speaking of re-posting, I am just tickled to discover that a photo of June Siple [wife to greg siple… a friend and co-worker at adventure cycling] has been making the rounds on fashion blahgs.  And rightfully so…

This amazing picture was taking on the couple’s bike trip from Alaska to Argentina.  I love it.  Adventure, fashion and a harmonica.  What more do you need?

[hope you have an amazing week, darlings!]

act your age or care.

[wull hallo.]

I hope you’re doing well.

I’m doing pretty awesome.

“Oh, why?” you ask… from across the room… wondering why I’m dancing like that.  [the happy burst that comes from deep within… spurred by the simplest thing.]

“Because I got a plant in the mail today… A plant that lives in a dinosaur.”

the coolest? mayhaps.

HUGE thanks to Lisa [the bffffffff] for just the coolest way to have a green thumb.  I miss you, Lisa [she’s living fabulously in italy] and when I get gift from you that reminds me just how rad you are… my goodness, the missing is outta control.  Thank you!  I love you!  [kissy kiss.]

I got did up for a fashion show this past weekend.  They did my hair, make-up, clothing… ’twas spectacular.  I popped and poured bottles all night for important people and had a BLAST.

I also had a radio show on Wednesday morning.  ‘Twas awesome.  One of my favorites to date.

Here’s a lovechild design of those two happenings…

But, you should be the judge yourself:  http://soundcloud.com/wullhay/morning-scramble-june-22-2011

It includes everyone’s favorite jam right now:

Momma and Daddy sent a card.  Wrote the sweetest things.  Pops ended it with this…

“The secret to not getting old is to never act your age or care what others think.  I don’t think that will ever be a problem for you.
& forever young.  DADDY”

Have to remember.  Not acting my age?  Not a problem.  Caring what others think?  Harder.  But, you know, what is there if there’s nothing to improve upon?