[wow] happy.

Found this... ...this morning, in my favorite e-magazine: Picame. And it made me happy... because I am happy.  !!  [whoa.] Having my mom here is a great gage to how life is going.  I find myself getting excited about showing off every aspect of my life here in Jackson. This is where I work. These… Continue reading [wow] happy.

for so long.

Yes, yes... What you've read in all the gossip mags is true: I've bought the domain "www.wullhay.com". Professional, right? Yes, I've officially spent money on a non-profiting website... outlet... a blahg, if you will. ...and I'm psyched. It's a very symbolic [i don't think this is right but i'll roll with it] part of my… Continue reading for so long.

“a drinkable memory quilt” or “are you happy?” [couldn’t decide.]

First off, I received this email from my pops the other day... Awesome. So, I went to the post office the next day and much to my delight, there was a golden ticket indicating that I had a package to pick up. As I rounded the corner to the service counters, I was confronted with… Continue reading “a drinkable memory quilt” or “are you happy?” [couldn’t decide.]

ride into the sunset.

Things I'm obsessed with right now... A friend with near flawless musical taste shared this: http://familymoons.com/public/?q=node/200 and now I am addicted.  Like, srrrrsly. One of my favorite artists: http://www.misprintedtype.com put up some new stuff. I larve it... The coolest pop-up book I have ever seen... Oh, and my love, Lindsey, has a new website that… Continue reading ride into the sunset.