I loved it all.

4 thoughts on “I loved it all.”

  1. When people ask me, “Do you ever get tired of your job & all the jerks you deal with?” My standard reply is, “No, i’m one of the lucky ones, i have a job, there are many people that wish they were me”. Its the workingmans mantra.

  2. What a beautiful, heart-wrenching photo journey through his wife’s illness. I just wept uncontrollably for at least five minutes straight.

  3. I also remember adding that Y La Bamba album to the new music rack at KHOL. Thanks for reminding me how delightfully haunting her vocals are.

  4. colleen: I know, right? so much loveliness in heart-breaking tragedy. and that song! “this is our love…” amazing. xxo.

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