my new ritual.

I’ve started a new tradition that I learned from my mom. My momma visited last fall and I had to work some of the time she was here. When I would come home, I would find her in the backyard, reading, with a coffee mug of berries. She was so content. The kind of content/happy … Continue reading my new ritual.

it takes me away.

i am thoroughly obsessed with this: Wes Anderson’s color palette. [made by beth matthews.] as soon as it came out, i’ve been drawn to the color palette of Life Aquatic. that silver-ish light blue, the aqua, the gold. even as recently as trying to figure out what color of paint to try something like this … Continue reading it takes me away.

looming in my life.

This trip is somehow coming to a close… something I cannot fathom. There were a hundred and one moments that felt premeditated. Felt like they’ve been looming in my life, waiting to come into play in my life, waiting to shine. These moments. Sometimes the simplest moments. Sometimes the funniest. Sometimes the most love. Sometimes … Continue reading looming in my life.