i’m SO glad.

2 thoughts on “i’m SO glad.”

  1. disclaimers i would like to give about this post:

    re: the video… i will work on my posture, mom… i’m sorry! there is so much of me! but, yes, i look like a slumpy giant… i’ll work on it.

    re: the radio show… towards the end, larry, the guy who does a show right after me, was breathing. down. my. neck. i’m sorry things are a bit rushed towards the end and i make one really painful mistake during my dad’s dedication… so, i apologize.

    much love!

  2. Hey kid, it was great. It took me awhile to hook-up because you know what a computer whiz I am but we caught the last hr & 1/2 of it. We are still trying to find the rebroadcast to hear the beginning. Your time to recognize your friends contributed to your runover by the respect & love shown. The emotion was obvious , and the flooding of memories & recollection must have been difficult. But Hey! Its live radio & you are entitled to indulge on your Bday. It was gracious of Larry to give some of his air time & we collectively Thank him for that. Maybe giving him some of your time at some point will repay the kindness but until then pass on a THANK YOU from us. Love, Dad

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