so she did.

In reference to my last post, I saw this on the interwebs this morning: …and it really did move me. In the midst of getting what I believe to be a stress-cold, it’s encouraging to know that I can do it. Anything. I can do things. I can choose to soar. I can believe that … Continue reading so she did.

they choose to soar.

Something incredible happened to me today. I must share. Evan and I had scheduled some garden time with our lovely neighbors who we share a handful of beds with. Of course I forgot about this scheduled time and was late and hadn’t taken a beat in days to just breathe. We tilled, weeded, talked, laughed … Continue reading they choose to soar.

i’m SO glad.

Yesterday was my birthday.  There were so many highlights… here are some… • Riding on the back of a tandem bike to work… drinking a delivered latte. • Birthday pie. • A phone call from Italy that included three renditions of adorable little-girl Happy Birthday singing… in Italian, Spanish, and Chinese… ah-mazing. • Great news … Continue reading i’m SO glad.

move with eyes open.

Yesterday, while working at my desk, I had a little internal dialog with myself… Okay, tomorrow’s my birthday… how old am I turning again? 27. Oh, 27? I’m just gettin’ started! I loved this genuine interaction with myself. It does feel like I’m just getting started… just finally figuring out the beginning of figuring out … Continue reading move with eyes open.