where the smoke from a chimney ended.

2 thoughts on “where the smoke from a chimney ended.”

  1. I love the whole post, but I especially love the ‘What Twenty- Somethings Want.’ You know why? Because for those of us (ahem, me), who are slow learners, you can certainly insert thirty where the twenty is. And maybe it’ll always be that way. Who knows?

    Thanks, Rach.

  2. i love it, too! and yes, for 20 AND 30-somethings.

    i showed this to my 30-something friend and kept saying, “isn’t it so awesome? don’t you just love it? i love it.”

    she finally said, “it’s really weird that you’re so proud of your own writing.”

    i just wanted to clarify again… that i did NOT write that! it comes from here: http://thoughtcatalog.com/2012/what-20-somehings-want/

    who knows, though… if i had, i might just have walked around saying, “LOOK AT HOW AMAZING I AM.”

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