nothin’ real exciting in Outside Magazine this month…

Oh, I forgot to tell you, I’m famous… again… Remember this picture? Well, that photo [me dancing in a green wig] has made an appearance in Outside Magazine this month.  So, go pick yourself up a December 2011 issue and check it!  I’m the center-fold… a dream come true… my mom would be … Continue reading nothin’ real exciting in Outside Magazine this month…

an australian evening.

It’s been a very Australian evening. Last night, I came home to a package from such a sweetheart of a friend, Katrina. It was FILLED with the sweetest Australian goodies. So, tonight, I made myself an affogato.  It’s a treat that I would constantly order in Oz that consisted of espresso poured on top of … Continue reading an australian evening.

or trying.

My writing adviser has told us to just write when we sit down at a computer.  Just write.  Before actually getting into the story I’m trying to write this morning, I wrote this… “There is snow on the ground, with orange leaves all around. And with the twang of coffee in my chest and the … Continue reading or trying.


I moved to Missoula, Montana.  [we all know this… cuz we’re all just on the edge of our seats watching the quarter-life excitement that is my life.] Why?  Well, I got a job… an awesome job.  But I was ready to move.  I was done with the person I had become in Jackson, Wyoming. And … Continue reading commit.