keep you in my heart.

I meant to put this up a while ago.

But life has had me doing so many other things besides blahgging.

Regardless, music has been playing the whole time I’ve been adventuring, working, loving, dancing, learning.

So, I want to share some of that music… with you.

Here ye be:


[some of you have a lesser version of this mix that I sent via the emails… hit this instead; you’ll like it.]

1.  The Physics – These Moments

2.  M83 – Midnight City

3.  Class Actress – Keep You

4.  Foster the People – Houdini

5.  Coconut Records – Microphone

6.  Love Inks – Blackeye

7.  SBTRKT – Wildfire

8.  Washed Out – Before

9.  Little Dragon – Ritual Union

10.  Neon Indian – Polish Girl

11.  The Sea and Cake – Lyric

12.  Caveman – Thankful

13.  Feist – How Come You Never Go There

14.  Cults – Never Saw the Point

15.  Big Troubles – Misery

16.  Wugazi – Sleep Rules Everything Around Me

17.  The New Division – Bucharest

[i wanna keep you in my heart.]

7 thoughts on “keep you in my heart.

  1. I dont know if it worked for anyone else, but when i click the link it says file removed for violation. Violation of cool? I dont know.

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  3. here’s a new plan… each morning in my inbox you have me a “playlist o’ the day” waiting for me.

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