the simplicity. the love.

Evan was here [in missoula… my new home] this weekend. Yesterday, after running around, moving things, garage saling things, we had plans to go to the River City Roots Festival. We stumbled in my new [ah-mazing] apartment, with nothing really ready to go in there… except for my new favorite thing. A record player/radio/iPod player … Continue reading the simplicity. the love.

shared horror.

Wait.  Wait.  Wait.  Wait.  Hodon.  Hodon… Have I told you I’m important? Yep.  That’s an official business card.  I have an extension.  Don’t call me on it, though… can’t figure out how to set that thing up… Work has been absolutely great.  Not last week, but this week… great. But being new won’t stop me … Continue reading shared horror.

i mean that to a degree.

During my lunch break yesterday, I wasn’t hungry [don’t worry I ate 2.5 dinners] and I was incredibly sore [hot yoga for the first time in forever], so I headed over to the library just to sit and read; relax. I explored all parts of the Missoula Public Library and then landed in the periodicals, … Continue reading i mean that to a degree.