go jim go.

– Your dad is hilarious… Like, really hilarious. Says Evan… after he reads this email… Okay, wait, I should preface this a bit for you. Well, actually, the email is pretty self-explanatory.  Just know that my mom was NOT psyched.  And dad felt like he needed to defend himself… so he sent me this email… … Continue reading go jim go.

the whole damn year.

I’m usually all about celebrating my birthday for a whole week.  Proclaiming that it’s “MY BIRTHDAY WEEK!  We’re gonna BBQ/eat at Trio/go rafting/watch movies/etc. etc… cuz it’s MY BIRTHDAY WEEK!” But this year, I didn’t really want to.  Didn’t want to make a fuss.  Didn’t want the hoopla.  I’m getting older, it’s okay that there … Continue reading the whole damn year.