wanting me to move.

4 thoughts on “wanting me to move.”

  1. Rach: Will you post links to the sites where you got the pics/ideas? Would love to see more from some of them. Merci, and good luck with the stretching/moving/sitting/watching/being.

  2. I LOVE the dog poster. I’m still giggling out loud. So many good lines such as: “Chilling in the back yard, seriously not giving a sh*t.” Or: “Borderline obese- Ya know, from the Kraft slices.”

  3. hey whales, most of these things are found on pinterest.com or yayeveryday.com but i should give individual props out to individual blahgs.

    yancey, “akin to a majestic lion’s.”


  4. oh, and i found the architecture in helsinki track via KHOL’s ah-mazing music selection via our ah-mazing music directors. xxo.

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