if love is love.

I’m playing around with a poster idea for my scrambles… Take a listen.  Oh, I hope you like… I accidentally played a Flaming Lips song I’m so far over… but you might like, might forgive me. I also played four FOUR songs from this album… SO GOOD. My review: “Thao & Mirah – Kill Rock … Continue reading if love is love.


What’s your 20-something, self-respecting, non-married, non-babied, marginally employed friend doing at 10:00 at night, you ask? Oh, just playing 50’s housewife by herself in her new favorite thrift store find. [totally normal.] Continue reading totally.

we do, too.

Easter was a success. Especially because I received this card in the mail… I love my family. And, yesterday, I got to wear my yellow Easter dress… Oh, taking pictures of myself… by myself.  And the ridiculousness.   I giggle at this picture because: • Am I surprising someone? • Am I getting surprised by someone? … Continue reading we do, too.

good flushers.

A couple nights ago, I helped out at Locavore’s Night Out.  It was an event by local food providers and it was just ah-mazing.  [some of the best food of my life.] But it was over the hill [in Idaho], which means that all the beautiful parents and their beautiful children come out of the … Continue reading good flushers.

wanting me to move.

Haven’t been blahgging all that much. I feel like I’m running in a million different directions… but I’m not moving at all. In fact, I’m sitting still, watching the rain mostly… with my skin stretching every which way… wanting me to move. So, here are just some things… going a million different ways… [new architecture … Continue reading wanting me to move.