8 thoughts on “cyber-bungee.”

  1. Hi Rachel – I’m one of the “random readers who I never actually know about”… however we’re pretty closely connected, as you are friends with two of my besties, Lindsey Yankey and Katrina (was roomies with them at KU)

    I just wanted to say hello, and own up to being a random reader. And to say congrats… you deserve it. I “read you” every couple of days and very much enjoy your posts.

    If you need a short trip outta Jackson to fix your travel bug, you’ve got a free place to stay in Boulder. Come on down and we’ll have some coffee and talk about mutual friends.

    Cheers + keep up the awesome.

    ps – every time i see a dinosaur object I think of you and Trina… which is weird considering we have NEVER MET. 🙂

  2. jess, i love it.

    all of it.

    and i wanna have coffee! with you! i promise promise i’ll hit you up next time i’m in boulder.

    but you have to promise promise to think about considering a trip to jackson and making our lovely friends yankey and K$ [and many other kansas kids] tag along.

    twould be a marvelous celebration commemorated with many a dance party.


  3. jackson dance party with besties and bestie’s good buddies is officially on the ‘to-do’ list.
    done and done.


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