it’s okay if your shoes aren’t doing it…

I got a text message yesterday morning, that read:

“You are going to crack up when you see the cover of the daily!”

My first thought was, Oh, no this cannot be good. Especially since there were many pictures of me taken like this…

a totally candid struggle.

And then I opened an email that read:

“I think they really captured the moment for you on today’s daily cover. Nice work in your first ever PPP!”

So, I had even though I wasn’t hungry and didn’t require coffee, I went to the café downstairs, ordered breakfast and picked up a newspaper.

I. could. not. stop. laughing…

it's like a very easy "Where's Waldo?"... only it's "Where's Rachel?"

Yep.  I’m the girl on the left… in the tights… and the tutu… who can’t get her drytop off.  Hilarious.  It just affirms what friends are calling me:  An Endearing Junk Show.  [“shit show” actually… colleen’s words… but we’ll try to keep it PG-13.]

And yes, I love it.  I take no pride in being the clumsiest friend, the biggest mess, but it happens… I’ve come to terms with it.

I trip and fall after traveling states to run one race:  i was from portland.

I fall off skin tracks and into snowbanks:  glorious embarrassment.

Once, while driving around garage sale hunting with a group of friends in college, I smacked my head into the driver’s side window because I got excited and whipped my head around because thought I saw a neon posterboard sign for a sale.  It hurt so bad… and was so embarrassing… I still hear about that.

So it was totally fitting when my friend, Andy, posted this video on my Facebook wall with the caption…

“Rachel Stevens. Age 6.”

I cannot get over it!  So precious.  So perfect.  I feel like that little girl so many times in life… in so many circumstances.

And I’m pretty sure there’s even a video of me somewhere from when I was around this age in ballet class where I just shrugged my shoulders on stage when I was supposed to be dancing.  Mom?  Dad?  Is this true?  Do we have that video?

I love it.

I’m going to go watch that precious video again.

The Pole Pedal Paddle: A Story.

Once upon there was a great team named, “Two Boobs and a Beard.”

[not shown… yet.]

One delightfully sunny, yet still a bit cold, morning, the team was separated by a huge mountain.  The boobs part of the team [renamed, “The Black Widow”] had to ski down three miles of icy snow to get to the beard part of the team…

only one tiny, little binding mishap and she survived! with a smile!

On the way down The Black Widow found the team’s beautiful ally in the sea of the cheering crowd…

might have to find a permanent place for this picture on the blahg.

…Colleen quickly became Two Boobs and a Beard’s SSAG.  [surprise support and gear.]

Anywho, the beard part of the team [quickly renamed, “The Fringe”] had to run [literally] because he said there were a few asses he had to kick on 10 kilometers of skate skiing.

[not pictured.]

But he said he’d check in with The Black Widow when he was done, right before he biked 19.8 miles…

"what? oh, did you need help? i'm posing."

The Black Widow vowed to follow him… not let him get away…

...and take pictures of him while hooping and hollaring.

And this is where the team’s super surprise SAG stepped up and carried so much gear [while walking really fast] while Two Boobs and a Beard started a quest by sea [river].  Did you forget what that beautiful SSAG looked like?

the BEST.

And while the boat portion of the day’s quest was trying, paddling for 9 miles of first and second class rapids, The Fringe and The Black Widow finished…

also, the black widow brightened up a bit by putting on a green wig.

The quest was over!  The Black Widow finished her first Pole Pedal Paddle ever and couldn’t stop smiling!  Until the team had to deal with all the clothes and gear from the day…

an explosion.

…Colleen [the SSAG] describes this as an, “Endearing Shit Show.”  [love.]  Everything was so confusing/hard at this point of the day for Two Boobs and a Beard.

But they made it back to the Village [where their quest began], only to find that the Endearing Shit Show got second place!  And that so, so many of their friends did so well as well!

second placers holding up a first placer! so happy!

Yep!  The famous Anna Davis did the race all by herself in the race division and won FIRST.  Fastest woman in the world.  Elliot and Dan also did the race all by themselves [Elliot – rec division, Dan – race division] and they both got second place!  [two boobs and a beard were in the rec division… if you couldn’t guess.]

Well, the day was already about as awesome as it could get when they went to the awards ceremony.  Two Boobs and a Beard got their second place prize, which ended up being awesome red hats with The Black Widow’s design on them… !!  [awesome.]

And then THEN The Fringe won the grand prize at the raffle!  A brand new cruiser bike!  He was in the bathroom so The Black Widow had to accept it for him!  So they’ve made the mutual decision that it’s both of theirs.  [obviously.]  So nice of The Fringe.

two boobs, a beard and a bike.

All in all, it was one of the best days ever… EVER.

The End.

those simple.

The morning shows on KHOL are just so indie-tastic.  So pleasant.  Good tunes, good people.

It’s just such a great way to start your morning.  I remember before I helped at the station, I worked with adults with disabilities and one Monday and Tuesday mornings I would drive one of our clients around and we’d empty trash cans around town for her job.  And it was so early.  [well, 8am… but that’s early to be dealing with your town’s trash.]  But I was always so happy, because there was always such amazing music on 89.1 KHOL.

Silly little things, but every time I drive a bit South of town, I think about those mornings.  Those simple mornings.  How community radio saved my sanity… and beyond that, made me love those mornings.

I hope I contribute to that for someone now.

Yesterday was a great Morning Scramble.  We had special guest, Victor Pokorny of Rotating Super Structure, in the studio to tell us about the bands new ventures and help with the music selection.

look how comfortable we all seem with each other.

Take a listen to the show!  I’m not going to be posting them to the Book of Faces any longer, so you’ll have to get your fix here if you want any Scrambles:

Or you can always just check out wull hay’s Soundcloud:

And here’s the playlist, complete with disfunctioning pen frustration:

Here are two of my faves from the show:

[thanks so so much for listening.]


ah-mazing/slightly depressing things.

Well, as the title promises, I must show you these ah-mazing/slightly depressing [with a sprankle of morbidity] things.

The first is something I found on my incredible friend, Lisa’s Facebook.  I don’t know how I missed this before now.  It was posted in 2007 and it’s in an album called, “How I Will Die.”


just plain incredible.

You might call it morbid, I call it genius.  When asked, Lisa told me that her and all of her theater friend [oh, those kids] from High School took pictures acting out the situations in which they assumed they would go.

I’ve thought about mine.  It’s unclear.  It would probably be some compromising photo of me getting electrocuted trying to watch 30 Rock on my computer in a bubble bath.  That or choking on nachos.

The second thing I want to show you is Garfield Minus Garfield.  It’s old Garfield comics with Garfield taken out.  Oh, man… I just love it.  John Arbuckle, who knew you were so so sad?

And then this horribly mean/awesome song:

That and many other songs were played on this morning’s Morning Scramble.  That show will be posted here in a whole second.  Check back.