i think you’re tops.

8 thoughts on “i think you’re tops.”

  1. Unfortunately, haven’t yet seen The Fighter, Micmacs, Waiting for Superman or Get Low yet. They are all on my list to see, just haven’t gotten around to it.

    Saw An Education in 2009, so it couldn’t be on my list, but I thought it was amazing. Definitely one of my favorites of 2009.

    I really can’t believe Inception is that far down on your list, but I’ll forgive you. A huge part of my love for it was the theater experience I had and I can’t fault you for having an different one.

    Here’s where we disagree… neither Cyrus or Black Swan made it into my top 15. I just wasn’t feeling either. Their both good movies, but they’re both movies I don’t really care if I ever see again.

    Exit and Please Give were both excellent. The end.

  2. The forgiveness has yet to come for your use of “yet” yet.

    I would say see your unseens in this order:

    1. Micmacs
    2. The Fighter
    3. Get Low
    4. Waiting for Superman

    …I’m guessing that will be your preference. Unless you’re thinking about having kids anytime soon… then see Waiting for Superman first.

    Dude, Inception was AWESOME… it just tripped over a few loose tiles to perfections.

    I can understand a lot of people “not feeling” Black Swan… I mean, I wouldn’t say [on a public forum] that I was really “feeling” a movie filled with creepy moms, lesbian sex scenes, bloody self-destruction and child-beauty-contest-esque unsettling competition. But I thought it was brilliant and darkly beautiful. [obvi.]

    And Cyrus miiiiiight have been a theater experience for me. I dunno. I saw it in a pub theater by myself and was laughing out loud… I also cried… okay, I also had indulged in a few luxuries of a pub theater……

    Exit Through the Gift Shop and Please Give were, yes, excellent.

    [the end.]

  3. I’ve been holding off on Micmacs because Sheena doesn’t care for subtitled movies. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to see it soon. I’ve been wanting to for a long time. Also not sure if she’s interested in The Fighter. We shall see. I plan on seeing those two in the next couple of weeks, though, if I have my way. The other two might take a little while.

    Watch Cyrus again and see if it’s as good as you remember. Don’t get me wrong, there were some great scenes, and some really, really funny moments, but I kept waiting for things to get nuts and they never really did. Maybe it’s more realistic that way?… but the way the son was acting, I expected him to try a little harder to get dudeman to walk away.



  4. i hate that we are not together to watch these kinds of movies. no one here watches the really “good” movies with me.

    Waco sucks in that regard.

  5. ugh, i know. i wish you were around for so many reasons… but right now i wish you were around to watch The Kids are All Right with me.

    jackson visit soon? please? i think it would be so good for the both of us.

    we should really plan a mountain man excursion here while i’m still here… it’s so gorgeous and MOUNTAINous! you’d all love it… and we’d have a BLAST.


  6. Well I haven’t seen most of those movies but man have yall seen the new Mickey Mouse shows on Disney!? AWESOME. They are really informatively, and who doesn’t love to see Goofy dance.

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