drumroll please…

9 thoughts on “drumroll please…”

  1. i’m glad we can have different taste in music (except for our Mumford and Sons overlap) and still love each other. i didn’t give some of these bands a chance last year, but i will now because you’re my friend.

  2. wait…what? i thought i was busting a move to cee-lo’s forget about you, not f*** you. gosh, i guess i am ancient.
    love, your ole momma

  3. case: oh, yay! i, too, will give your top ten a closer listen in appreciation of friends… awesome friends.

    michael: i HAVE. love love. they’re another band i need to give more speaker time to. only really ever tapped along to their song “marathon”… any other recommendations?

    momma: oh, shhshh… as long as you are busting out dance moves better than your kids, you are NOT ancient.

  4. I haven’t heard any of their older albums yet, but their new album Cape Dory, which includes “Marathon” — I would say is a sweeter more innocent version of Best Coast.

    Tennis + Heart Break = Best Coast…that is the simplest comparison I could think of. You should give Cape Dory a listen, it was just released this month.

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