Thanksgiving! So much to be thankful for. Wish I were going to be with my family… but it’s a beautiful thing to have friends that you can call family. …and skiing tomorrow won’t be too shabby either. Watch the parade for me. Watch Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. Trace your hands with crayons and make paper turkeys. … Continue reading moooo!


[first off: realized the link to the song in the previous post wasn’t working… fixed it… click away… trust me.] Woke up yesterday with a lot of work to do.  Decided I wouldn’t stare at my computer in my pajamas and slowly wake up. Decided I’d wake early, get dressed, make an ungodly amount of … Continue reading sparklers.

just everything.

It’s been a hard time… I won’t lie to you. Going around in circles asking myself, WHAT AM I DOING? The off-season combined with free time and just grey… grey all the time, everywhere has driven me crazy. And, then, whoa… Have you read/seen Revolutionary Road?  My goodness, you should. I saw it and then … Continue reading just everything.

it tickles.

[and all the sudden, she awoke inside… running through every compartment of her makings, switching on every single light in every flesh-walled compartment… from inside the ankle, to the knee, to the hip, to the inside of the ribs […it tickles], running to the heart [it’s a pull-string switch… pull hard], to where the collar … Continue reading it tickles.


A while ago, a friend used the term “spinning my wheels in Jackson” and I thought, Oh man, I will never just spin my wheels… I will be doing something.  DOING. But lately, that phrase has been haunting me.  Am I just spinning my wheels? I’m not even blahgging.  I’m doing mediocre work at almost … Continue reading spinning.