pull it together.

I’m back in Jackson. It’s almost surreal.  Snow everywhere.  Everything is the same… except it’s all white.  So different than when I left. Hard to get back into the swing of things.  [i say that like there was ever a constant rhythm to the swing.] My radio show this morning.  Hard to wake up. Walking … Continue reading pull it together.

welcome home.

Yosemite. The incredible mountains, the hilarious people, the climbing in mass amounts and the mass amounts of people climbing. I love how it is always the same and I’m the one that changes every time.  I do love that so much. Last year the change was almost tragic.  I didn’t want to be faced with … Continue reading welcome home.

the carbs.

oh, poor, abandoned blahg. you look so skinny… i haven’t fed you in so long. ah, it’s good for ya… i’ve been telling you to lay off the carbs for a while now. don’t worry… you’ll get your feast when i’m having less fun. what i’ll blahg about: portland, hip dinosaurs, the oregon coast, my … Continue reading the carbs.


I saw Valentino Achak Deng speak almost a week ago in Jackson. He is an amazing man.  A man who, as a boy… such a young boy, suffered though the turmoil of the Second Sudanese Civil War: being seperated from his family, no food, no water, death around him, death before him. Deng came to … Continue reading valid.