c’mon and move me.

3 thoughts on “c’mon and move me.”

  1. oh, d.swift, i wish i had good news for you…

    no podcast for KHOL yet… maybe if the older mr. bill gives us a spectacular amount of money this year, it will be on the horizon. it’s all about the money for us… in radio land, we’re the opposite of most… more money, less problems.

    do you [or anyone] know how i would/could post huge mp3 files online for lovers to listen to my recorded shows?

  2. I know how to post big mp3s, but will tell you in person. Thank YOU for an amazing morning! Sorry my pro NPR (hee hee) voice wasn’t in full form. But, I had a truly wonderful time. So wish I had a show at KHOL, too. Maybe a repeat co-host in winter time? You are the best, NPR. Thank you! Thank you!

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