there are novels i could write about this last week. how upset i am by bard, geneva, dave and newman leaving.  [the adorable pictures to emphasize.] movies i’ve seen and the depths of affect on me. and now portland. how i’m here.  how i’m in love. how excited i am. where i’m off to next. … Continue reading novels.


Had a blast in the KHOL studio yesterday.  Groovin’ hard to some sweet tunes.  So many favorites… how do I choose? [very much love this song/video.] [also slightly obsessed with this song/video.] [way excited about new of montreal… especially featuring beyoncé’s little sis. p.s. video = nothing special.] [here we go… MAGIC!] [hells yeah jose … Continue reading HOWL.


I hiked Snow King today.  By myself.  Near dark. Fall is here.  This song came on my iPod: Besides wanting to strut around in cowboy boots to dance to this song… And besides secretly wanting to make out with Sean Hayes but secretly not wanting to face the fact that it’s purely because of his … Continue reading refreshing.