i should mention…

2 thoughts on “i should mention…”

  1. So you mention your dad’s Schwinn and bicycle pint glasses. We need pictures of the bike and information on where to get our grubby, little (I have girly hands) paws on some of those glasses, cause they’re off the chain…

  2. i know! i’ve been meaning to take a picture of the schwinn [recently named merle] and do a tribute post… maybe when it stops being 45° and rainy outside, i’ll snap a pic.

    and AND i get those glasses at a place here called “made”… i’m a bit obsessed with them. the owner makes fun of me because i buy them for everyone, for every occasion… “you here to buy more bike pints?”

    anywho, maybe if you send over your address, i’ll send his and hers bike pints for a belated wedding gift. [way belated.] …if you’re way lucky.

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