i run my fingers through the grooves when no one’s around.

The song that this mini documentary starts with used to make me cry. Then it didn't for a long, long time.  I didn't care.  I didn't really listen to it anymore. Then, tonight, it made me cry again. I think Jacksonville City Nights was my favorite album for some time. Funny how favorites fade... and… Continue reading i run my fingers through the grooves when no one’s around.

“the crane really brings out your eyes.”

I saw 500 Days of Summer about a year ago. I love it.  And I'm not sorry.  I rented it a couple day ago and have probably watched it at least four times since. It's such a real, creative, honest story about boy meets girl. It's about the good times... The those times... The hard… Continue reading “the crane really brings out your eyes.”

excuse me…

This blahg post is purely to remember/share the randomness/beauty of yesterday. -------------------- I've been riding my dad's old Schwinn Varsity around.  It's an emerald green ten-speed and I LOVE it.  My dad loves it too.  He talks about how dear it is to his heart and how if I don't lock it up and it… Continue reading excuse me…

i couldn’t if i tried.

I'm sitting at home, drinking wine, being unproductively productive whilst watching Dark Was the Night Live. It's amazingly filled with Yeasayer, Feist, David Byrne, Bon Iver, etc.  You should check it out.  Or at least the albums... by far my favorite compilation ever. Just one: And then, at the end of one of the bonus… Continue reading i couldn’t if i tried.

the stevens scramble.

I did my radio show with my little brother [Ryland] this morning. It was so great. We laughed. We panicked. He answered the phone... - Hello?  KHML... - No, Ryland... KHOL! We remembered our roots. We danced. We played these tunes... It was such a great time... I loved having him share that time, that… Continue reading the stevens scramble.