oldies but goodies.

wull hay takes requests:

Oldies but goodies:

[maybe favorite of all time.]

[still makes me laugh SO hard.]

[i actually just cried watching it again… so awesome.]

Hope you’re having a great ‘cation, Aunt Carol!  A kiss and a peck and a hug around the neck!

2 thoughts on “oldies but goodies.”

  1. Rachel,
    Your mom showed me the Charlie bit my finger video—what a hoot! Kids are so cool, aren’t they? You have always been good with kids. I will miss the kids at school, but willl have more times with the grandkids and more time to come ” onacation” to Texas. Here’s what I say to people I care about—work hard and keep your nose clean!!!!!!!!!

    Love ya,

  2. i keep watching these…i love the charlie one…..seen it tons of times…but love it…and the dentist is freakin hilarious…jeeees. never had seen it.
    the wedding…this is one of my all time favs…i cry every time i see that bride.
    love it.

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