goofy just like you.

The best kind of compliment…

I Music on Mained last night: with family [my bro!] and loves [friends!].

Ran into a bud that I see more on the internet than I see in person.  We had a lovely little conversation before the dance ground called.

When I got home, I got an email from her recounting a conversation she had with her husband…

Husband: Hey, was that Rachel… that was talking to you tonight???

Her: Yep.

Husband: You guys look like you should be friends…

Her: Why?

Husband: She looks goofy just like you.


I am so flattered.

logically justify.

I didn’t do my radio show yesterday morning.  I took a 24 hour hiatus from social life and the like to just be.  To work on things I needed/wanted to work on.  To write.  To read.  To apply.  To savor.

But, if I had done a show, I would’ve played this song:

…cuz it’s perfect for mornings.

In other news, I want this more than I can logically justify:

and i saw it say.

Last minute outing found me on my bike.  It was late, I wasn’t going far, I didn’t bring a headlamp.

Now, I don’t recommend this at all… it is not the safest choice… but last night, it was amazing.  Worth it.

It felt like a Texas summer night… the best temperature.  Biking around in shorts, a t-shirt, a cardigan.  Looking up to see the amazing stars and the moon.  The moon.  Lighting my way and mesmorizing my soul.

I wanted to bike forever.  I wanted to have somewhere else to go.  I must’ve wanted this more than I realized because before I knew it, I had passed my destination.  Quick turn-around, but still glancing up at the magical night heavens.

And then today, thinking of my magical bike time, I remembered a commercial I was obsessed with as a younger me…

I love it.  I like it more on bikes… but I’ll those moments however I can get them.

when we were nice guys.

I forgot to tell you about Targhee Fest!

First off, I’m in love with that music festival.  Hoola-hooping with the best of ’em.  Making faces with children.  Hanging with friends I hardly get to see.  Dancing.  Dancing.  Talking with minor rock stars.  Talking with major rock stars.  Dancing with medium rock stars.  Pretending I’m a rock star.  Good times.

Grace Potter looked as worn as the back of her sparkly shorts but she de-livered… as always.  Rocking out so hard and dancing like she’s sex on stage.  People couldn’t help themselves.  We all danced.

Micheal Franti.  Ah-mazing.  And I was even skeptical!  He’s not my favorite favorite… but oh my gosh, so good!  And we danced!  He came down to the audience and danced around.  We had a moment.  Twas grand.

But my favorite acts of the weekend?  Alejandro Escovedo and Los Lobos…

When Alejandro played “Beast of Burden”, I couldn’t have been happier.  SUCH a good show.

And then later, the legendary, Los Lobos.

It all goes back to when I was six-years-old… my first concert.

We saw [you guessed it] Alejandro Escovedo opening for LOS LOBOS:

Los Lobos was my FAVORITE back then.  I had written them a fan letter and everything.

Anywho, my folks took me to the concert and I fell asleep during the fourth song.  Then when they played “La Bamba” I jumped up and went crazy.  Danced like my little six-year-old heart out.  After the show, the fam was leaving and we walked passed backstage.  Dad heard a guy saying…

– Okay, everyone here for the radio contest winners, c’mon backstage.

Dad thought, “Well, why not?”

We went back stage and I was in total awe.  We ate their M&Ms, got autographs and then THEN I saw my fan letter!  They had it!  Backstage!

That’s when I decided I would always live music and the musicians that make it happen.

At Targhee fest, last weekend, it happened again.  I got to go backstage and meet Los Lobos!  [thanks again, jim!]

so happy together.

I was insanely nervous… my childhood heroes!  What would I say??

There were not interested in meeting me… which makes sense… they’ve been touring for, what?  Thirty years?  Anywho, I thought I’d gain their love, their respect, by telling my humble childhood story…

– Wow, so you saw us nineteen years ago?  And met us?

– Yeah!

– Yeah, that’s back when we were nice guys.

Aaaaaand I don’t think he was kidding.

That’s about all I got from them.  Well, that and their new album… which was super nice.

The whole thing was weird.  I remember it being more magical as a kid.  More… chest swelling.

When all backstaging was said and done, I went back to the crowd of happy hippies and waited for “The Wolves” to take the stage.

I danced and danced hard.  I was so tired.  So tired.  So, I sat down after a little bit.  Sat and enjoyed.

Then… all of the sudden…

It was like I was six again.  I danced like I did in front of the TV… pretending I was at the carnival… remembering the concert… running up and down the aisles.

It was magic.

nuances of the beauty.

Around town early early this morning.

Remembering what a friend told me…

– The people you meet early in the morning are always a lot nicer than the people you’ll meet late at night.

Not sure if they’re right.  Probably.

I didn’t actually meet anyone.  I just looked at them and imagined how nice they are.

How they would love to have a cup of coffee with me and talk about how the smell of my deodorant makes me feel like I’m in Yosemite and then they’d talk about a smell that always brings them back.

We’d talk about our favorite morning songs…

…of all time:

…right now:

We’d get caught up talking about nuances of the beauty in our lives and then realize, “oh!  it’s another beautiful day!”

We’d part with sweet words because they were just so… nice.

It could’ve happened.

just some things.

finally, the flat white explained… along with many more…

thanks, picame!

and… well, this is kinda mean… but i couldn’t help myself.  as a graphic designer, you get to do a lot of rad stuff… but sometimes you have to put up with some ridiculouses.  hilarious, must read:

soon soon i will write about my music weekend.  the one where i met some of my childhood heros.  the one where i wore big hats, short dresses, danced like a hippie and hoola-hooped like there was no tomorrow…

and for you: