the true fun class.

2 thoughts on “the true fun class.”

  1. haha. so 2 years ago…my friend and i did the FUN class and we were the only ones..i dressed up…in a tutu or something and didn’t get a BIB number either…people were yelling at me as well. It was funny. I wanted to go on Sunday..BUT the rain deterred me….should’VE went to see you…hehehehe

  2. that is amazing. my partner really wanted to dress up. i always am down for a dress up… but we needed all the help we could get. i told him i would dress up as something very aerodynamic… but then i was afraid i’d be THAT girl… running slow… in a speed suit.

    i’m planning on coming over to your side for a couple races this summer. maybe i’ll see you there!

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