…but i’m gonna live.

4 thoughts on “…but i’m gonna live.”

  1. It takes a real woman to document her gaseous issues to all who care. So glad to know you have no kidney issues and that this problem,well, this too, shall pass. Take care, my child, and like all mom’s say,” eat your fruits and vegetables!” (Now you know why.) And, now you can say “my doctor told me to” when you ‘rip one off’.
    Lovingly, momma

  2. Rach! So glad you’re OK! Keep Livin’, girl!
    But, I have a question. You say Royal abandoned his wife and TWO kids. I’m assuming you count Richie and Chas as the two and that you’re excluding Margot because she is Royal’s adopted daughter? Just checkin’.

  3. momma: you are awesome.

    whales: yeah, he totally only has two kids… “this is my adopted daughter, margot.” okay, okay… it was a slip up. i meant to say THREE kids. [i am so ashamed.]

    britt: you have no idea how many times i say that.

    LOVE to all.

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