how connected we are.

2 thoughts on “how connected we are.”

  1. crazy….i love that you wrote a note..reminds me of jord and I poaching the RECYCLE cans in Wilson a few years ago when we lived in Idaho, but commuted over the hill….and we would drop our recycling off….until one day we dropped a piece of mail somewhere near or in a can…OOPS…and someONE wrote us this nasty letter to our VICTOR PO box….stating that we shouldn’t be using these recycle cans..and we needed to learn how to recycle..i think we still have it somewhere..hahaha. Way to go.

  2. that. is. awesome.


    i used to write random notes all the time in australia… but they were just notes of kindness and wonder… and me trying to communicate with a country that wouldn’t talk back.

    anywho, we need more note writing around here… it always makes for a good story.

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