this shit is bananas.

Went to buy bananas the other night.  Just bananas.  Well, and tea.  I’m broke, y’all.

Anywho, my options for bananas were…

Regular bananas… in a bunch… as is.


Organic bananas… in a plastic bag… every single bunch in their own plastic bag.

Really, Dole?

plasticy organicy.

Well, pick your poison.

My biggest complaints?  How the hell am I supposed to make produce phone calls with a plastic wrapping?!

i can't hear you!

[p.s. stop judging.  ain’t nothin’ wrong with a girl in her pjs still at noon.]

This one goes out to my girl, Brittnee… who listened to this song probably a dillion times when we were roommates in college.

6 thoughts on “this shit is bananas.

  1. justin timberlake dance parties, ribbon dancing, velociraptor imitating, even a secret late night make-out once…

    that chapel stage had no idea what was gonna hit it when rachel stevens enrolled at umhb.

  2. Rach: Nice post. I often wonder why Trader Joe’s has so much packaging!? It’s a constant worry to me – buy organic stuff with packaging or non-organic stuff at the Farmer’s Market. Buy organic stuff from far away or non-organic stuff from down the street. For more on bananas, and the correct pronunciation, click here.

  3. whoa, we were JUST having a heated discussion about trader joe’s today at work!

    why so popular with so much packaging?? why you need a bell pepper shaped plastic container around each bell pepper?? why you need to put four avocados in a bag?? i just want one!

    oh, joe… maybe one day you’ll figure out your produce. until then, well, i’ll still see you every time i visit friends in hipper cities.

    i’ll be the girl with a cart full of triple ginger snaps and a case of two buck chuck.

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