cold confetti.

I’m very much in love with these songs:

I got a dress in the mail yesterday.  A gorgeous dress.  From a friend.  From my favorite store.

I couldn’t believe it.  Whilst waiting in line to pick up my package, I flipped through a catalog of pretty dresses, wanting one.

Then my pretty dress.  Wow!  From an amazing friend.

Telling me that it was just a token of her appreciation for me and she thought I’d love it.


I was glowing from the kindness, the love, that I had received.

It was a good day.

Then it was a weird day.

It was raining for most of the day… then sleeting… then snowing.  A weird snow… a hard snow… puking.

I was working at Community Entry Services.

A client freaked out, threw a fit… towards me… for hours.  I wanted to be numb.

Then, a couple hours later, another client flipped out.  Went manic.  Started screaming at me.

– Why don’t you take some time and go in your room?


I wanted to leave.

I thought about it, thoroughly.

Looked outside… still snowing hard.

Daydreamed about putting on my new pretty dress and just walking out, just f*cking leaving.

Walking in the snow.  The coldness, my numbness.  Leaving.

Being soaked by this cold confetti that’s pelting me in my celebration of leaving.  Just f*cking leaving.

Walking where?  Nowhere.  No end in sight.  Going and going and people looking and wondering.

Where was she?  Where’s she going?  Why is she so dressed up?

Why is she smiling so big?

Daydreaming and then being snapped out of it.  Realizing there are still adults screaming at me, wanting me to leave, and my job is to stay.


Look to the box that holds my freedom dress, look outside at the freshness of falling snow, breathe deep, walk to the kitchen silently and start making dinner for the screamers.

I’ll leave another day.

documented in a kitchen.

come here, baby... don't be frightened.

So much ridiculousness.

This is me procrastinating.

But I had to document real fast.

First off, I’m wearing more make-up in this picture than I have since… well, like Halloween or something.  Maybe some other event.  But never in real Jackson life do I wear this much.

A friend at work and I decided to do each other up middle school style.  Full on, look up how to do make-up in a magazine and then put make-up on each other.  The vibe was complete with America’s Next Top Model on in the background and a full supply of giggles.

Secondly, I’m wearing a hat that was MADE for me by the craftiest man I know.  It has a dinosaur on it.  It rules.

Third off, holy moly… My hands look like jelly fish made out of sausages.  And I’m real tired so it’s makin’ me laugh pretty regularly.

Also, I kinda look like a crazy clown that wants to hold your children… and then steal them in hopes to work on our center ring routine for years to come.  [side note: i do not want to steal your children.]

Finally, I’m in my kitchen… yet again.

When I look back to this thing [this here blahg], I’m not sure if I’ll be disappointed that my life is documented in a kitchen.  A kitchen.  A TINY kitchen.  But listen… LISTEN!  I promise you all of my life is not lived in this kitchen.

There are other kitchens.  And other houses, even.  And then there is the outside, the outdoors, yes the outside!  There are rivers, there are mountains, there is coffee [thank the lord there is coffee], there is music, there is a world I know beyond this kitchen.  And then… then… the people!

The people outside this kitchen are gorgeous.  [occasionally gorgeous people visit the kitchen… very, very gorgeous.]  But, my goodness, have you met the people out there?  There are some [many] worth smiling towards.  Go give some.

Received this from a girl worth smiling at:

Nekkid time.  Ohhh….  [v. cool.]

Well, must [MUST] get to work.  I feel like I’m preparing for an all-nighter.  Like in college when I used to stock up on essentials for the wee-hours, the music mix stocked up just right, the allowed distractions at my fingertips and the others out of reach.

Wish me luck.

And good luck to you, lovelies.

awesomeness via dabzzzz…

just had to holler at a couple things:

you can be a puppet!

it's me!... as a puppet.


and if you love The Office and you love a little rap music in your life… first off, we’re friends.  secondly, get excited:

[these are both courtesy of dabnizzle, roommmate/crafter/teacher/rapper/turtle-tamer.]

smiles are pretty.

[everything is just so so exciting.]

Yesterday I awoke early and started out on my bike.  The Tetons beamed in the morning light at me whilst I yawned into a smile.  I thought, I am so lucky.

The loveliness of this now.  This day.  This love.  This joy.  I am lucky.

I sang this song to myself all morning:

Until I heard this:

I have a new favorite shirt:



I have a new project to get excited about:


by moi.


That is not yet their name… and definitely not yet their logo… but soon [yes, soon!] Jackson, Wyoming will have a community bike workshop courtesy of some of the raddest people in town.  [holler.]  I am a wee bit psyched.

I have a new fave song:

This morning [yes, today!] I heard myself in a coffee shop.  [yes, literally heard myself]  Our local radio station played one of my pre-recorded shows this morning!  I was so excited.  Like a little kid.

I went to work and turned it on for my clients.  I told them…

– Hey, listen!  It’s me!

Hey there, Jackson, it’s Rachel here on 89.1 KHOL…

– That’s not you.

– Yes, it is!  I promise!

– Nuh uh… You’re right here.

– I know… I recorded that earlier… I promise it’s me!

[a mason jennings song comes on.]

My client puts her ear reeeeeal close to the radio and listens for a while before she says…

– You’re lying.  That’s not you.  That’s a boy singing.


I texted a couple friends to inform them how famous I was for two hours this morning.

A response: “Damn you sound good on the air”

I could have kissed him on the lips.

[that is beautifulness sent to me by the lovely, mary susan.]

Yes and yes.

All lovely, all exciting times.

My tea tag reads: We are here to love each other, serve each other and uplift each other.

I hope you feel loved.

[because you are.]

Feel served.

[or something.]

Feel uplifted.

[because smiles are pretty.]

found on le love.

Do you ever wonder what blahgs looked like before we all geeked out?

a blast from the past.

I had to blur it out a bit… so you couldn’t read.  [you’re such a snoop.]

This is one of my favorite pages in my journal.  Special.  Good things written and I also just like the way the pages look together.  Yes and yes.

What if I started a blahg that was just me holding up pages in my journal for you all to read?

It’s almost the same thing.

I guess.

Time for bed.


mixing it up.

I have friends who live off of a road called, “Heck of a Hill Road”… no kidding.

This winter, my poor car, Bruce, could not make it up to their houses for good, fun times.

So, I’d have to park at the bottom and a friend would have to shuttle me up.

The first time someone picked me up, I thanked them with a mix cd from my collection in my car.

The next time, I rewarded a ride with yet another mix cd from my car collection.

It kinda became my M.O.

And then I gave a mix from my car to my friend, Allison.

– Yes!  Oh, I’m excited about this… We listen to your other mixes all the time during car pools.

– Yay!  That’s awesome.

– I think it’s so cute that you still make mix cds.

– Oh, thanks.

Wait, what?!  Cute??  Still??

I LOVE making mix cds.  It’s my love language.

Making mix cds definitely a staple for any package sent, any gift given, any road trip taken, any relationship started.

I just gave one to a friend yesterday!

holler at some mixes!

It reads, “Mix CDs from Rach… Reason #287 to Move Back to Jackson”.

But maybe I’m behind the times… Maybe it’s not cool anymore.  Oh well.  I very much like the writing on the disc, the packaging in a magazine page, the physical gift of dancing, singing times.

This is not sufficient: But I did give it a shot.  Take a listen if you’d like.


St. Patrick’s Day was an amazing success of a night.

Who knew so many people could fit into a quaint Wilson guest house?

And the kicker of the amazing night was that the lovely Gretchen Davis was there!


Gosh, I love this girl.

She’s the girl that’s drinking rum and cokes on St. Paddy’s while everyone else is having car bombs and whiskey drinks.  Awesome.

I walk into the party last night and it is a scene… I notice a box of Lucky Charms and laugh at my funny/precious friends cuz I totally know that Dabz [awesome roommate extraordinaire] is responsible for that.

The night continues, the laughs multiply, the dancing steps up…

Wait… Where’s Gretch?

– Is Gretchen standing out on the back porch by herself?

Sure enough.

So I go out there, walk up to her…

– Gretch, what are you doing out here by yourself?

– Eatin’ Lucky Charms……… and lookin’ for Char’s dog.

I don’t really have anything to say to that… just laugh.

Then, from outta nowhere, Gretch gets all fired up, looks at her handful of Lucky Charms and yells…


…throws her handful of Lucky Charms out in the yard and storms back into the house.

I’m laughing so hard as I follow her inside.  Char sees us walk in, get a confused look on her face and asks…

– Where’s my dog?