not one single aspect.

My mother [Momma] is in town.

Inspired.  Such a light in my life.

I picked Momma up from the airport then asked her if it was okay to check my mail.

Two packages: One from Lisa [bff] and another from Jared [my mom’s FAVORITE from my college times… or at least the one she relentlessly hopes i’ll marry one day].

Anywho, get back into my car and open the one from Lisa.  Booze flavored lolly pops.  AWESOME/delushous.

Open the one from Jared [p.s. jared was my valentine this year].  Our jaws DROP.  Jared has put together an amazing package of erotic, sex-driven Valentining.  Wow.  We’re talkin’ 50 Romantic and Sensual Games, handcuffs, a pair of gummy panties, a ring pop with “No Ringy, No Dingy” written on it… it was amazing.  Amazing and hilarious that I was opening this sitting next to my mom.  We were dying.  And she kept saying…

– Wow.  If this was from anyone but Jared…

Our personal favorite from the package?

ladies and gentlemen...
...jared slack.

– So do you usually get alcoholic lolly pops and sex toys in the mail?

– Nope… just today.  Just the day I check my mail in front of my mother.


Jared also included a letter I will cherish forever…

An excerpt…

“A friendship where you don’t have to hide anything.  Not your love handles, not your freckles, not your thighs… not your thoughts, not your failures, not your disabilities, not your insecurities, not your scars, not your memories, not your fears, not one single aspect of who you are must be hidden.”

Thank you, Jared.  I love it all and I love LOVE you.

Thanks, Lissy… for the amazing lolly pops that Momma and I are thoroughly enjoying.

And thanks to Momma.  For being cool enough to roll with it and loving enough to laugh at it.  I love you very, very much.

[more amazing adventures with mom will be recorded here soon… wow, she is awesome.]

[but now… just a peaceful song for you… one i listened to whilst mom did her morning yoga… how is she so amazing?]

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