pause. smile. wave.

Had to work today/tonight.  At CES [Community Entry Services]. [that’s with adults with disabilites.] Worked with a group I don’t usually work with… including Benny [who’s 74]. Friday nights they go out to eat with their house. Everyone’s ready… except for Benny. Benny’s running… oh, an hour behind schedule. After telling him over and over … Continue reading pause. smile. wave.

i will knock you off your feet. [i’ve got imagination.]

I kinda feel like this… Just so tired and blah. But I wanted to communicate… with… well… you, I guess. New favorites: [great song, meh video.] Dinosaur Feathers. I obviously automatically loved them just based on their name.  But then after listening, turns out I really do love love them. I recommend listening to their … Continue reading i will knock you off your feet. [i’ve got imagination.]

this morning.

Felt very connected to my family this morning. Sitting, drinking coffee with mother. Reading a book from my father… one he LOVES. Listening to a mix CD from my amazing brother. Realizing a little bit of why I am who I am… how we’re all helping each other to be amazings… and we don’t even … Continue reading this morning.

[wow] happy.

Found this… …this morning, in my favorite e-magazine: Picame. And it made me happy… because I am happy.  !!  [whoa.] Having my mom here is a great gage to how life is going.  I find myself getting excited about showing off every aspect of my life here in Jackson. This is where I work. These … Continue reading [wow] happy.