kept and kept.

5 thoughts on “kept and kept.”

  1. you funny!!!! I love Mary! She reminds me of my nannie….I have to tell you about a picture book….that you would like….IT’s called “The Memory Box”…have you read it??? you should….

    also, i haven’t forgotten about you and your dino-ring…but I SERIOUSLY work during all post office hours…so, hopefully this saturday…i will get that little sucker off to you!!!!

  2. JC: suuuuuuper interesting video. thanks so much for sharing! [all must go watch this… do it.] and i love foer… more and more with every page… can’t wait to read Eating Animals. p.s. jesus? is that you?

    case: yeah, duh.

    laur: i’ll totally check out The Memory Box… making a stop by the book store tomorrow! oh, do not worry about the dino-ring… but i. am. excited. [oh! and i TOTALLY discovered something that i have to send to you… get psyched… !!]


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