multi-colored string.

4 thoughts on “multi-colored string.”

  1. Rach, I LOVED that toy. I know exactly what you are talking about. My brother and I both got those in our stockings one year. I totally forgot about it until I read this. I want that thing back.


  2. I was just reminiscing not too long ago about that toy. You blew through a plastic pipe that was connected to a little plastic Coca-Cola bottle (which I think was the main attraction) that a multi-color piece of string went round and round through as you blew into it. You picked it out at the Armidillo Christmas Bazaar. It was a lovely toy; made no sounds and was quite amusing. On the other hand, our friend’s son, Nick, who was busy,busy running, climbing, hiding under racks of clothing picked out a loud pop gun. It was a joke among friends for years comparing Nick’s wild child days with Rachel’s playing quietly with her figurines. Anyways, I was recently looking for it in hopes of finding it in some old boxes of toys. I guess we threw it out since it got knotted up and tangled in a coat button. Great memory. Oh yeah, about those babysitters, that still pisses me off.

  3. Wow, I thought that kind of thing only happened in movies! The most trouble my babysitters ever got in was letting me stay up late to watch 101 Dalmations because neither one of us could remember my bedtime (I was oblivious…).

    And the multi-colored string toys? Great, except I could never work them!

  4. abs: YES! i knew we were friends for a reason… i’m gonna search the ends of the earth to try and find you that toy for a wedding present.

    momma: omg, your closing line made me laugh SO hard. and i never heard that story about nick and myself… but i could have guessed as much about him as a child…

    kate: you rebel, you.

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