appropriate end to this year…

what partially torn tendons look like.

bring on 2010.

4 thoughts on “appropriate end to this year…

  1. If you ever have to hitchhike at night, you shouldn’t have any problems. I have an antique Johnson ‘Pink Priness’ (guess what color it is) casting rod & reel that we could use pink duct tape to attach to your cast for one-handed sports endeavors. I think the fish would go for that, we could fish for pink salmon. Happy New Yr. Love, BadDad

  2. ohhhh poor Rach. I sorry you hurnt* your thumb. You can do what Sheena and I did and just take it off. We learned after buying new scissors you need to soak it in the bath first, then it just ravels right off.
    -this is me being a bad influence.

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