twas the best christmas ever.

3 thoughts on “twas the best christmas ever.”

  1. do you think your dad will send me a mix cd??? haha. I love the flannel pjs…and your teeth are nothing…I was rockin the HEadgear around this time…ugh.
    Happy HOlidaze!!!!

  2. lauryn, my dad emailed me a one-liner asking if he should send you a mix… now is your chance to get in on some authentic jimmy-stevens-mix-makin.

    i wish i still had flannel pjs. i just told a friend the other day, “i need more flannel in my life.”

    oh, teeth… hands down, the most powerful source of drama through my childhood… and even some early adulthood.

    i’m so psyched for whityn’s first christmas! you guys are gonna have a blast. happy hollerdays!

  3. hey….pob 721 victor idaho 83455….if ur serious.

    i am rocking purple owl flannel pjs….gotta love target.

    we r so ecited for whit’s 1st xmas too.

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