a wreck.

5 thoughts on “a wreck.”

  1. I am soooo glad you’re OK, soooo glad you had each other and soooo glad you wrote about it. I love you, Rach. I probably don’t tell you enough. Also, sit with Dan while he has to deal with the serious annoyance of insurance and getting a new car. It’ll be brutal. But, not as brutal as any of the scary alternatives.

    Good job, girl. Good to have reminders that we’re alive. Sorry it had to happen this way. You. Are. Awesome!

  2. Did you really wright all of that without mentioning my elaborate ploy to take you on a date to Outback in Cheyenne?

    I believe we need to drink some Irish car bombs to celebrate the fact that we walked away from my beloved car… that looks like it was hit with a car bomb.

  3. mcclures: thanks!!

    whales: i love you too! and i probably dropped the ball on sitting with dan through insurance ridiculousness… i did a lot of sleeping today while dan did a lot of dealing… not the best friend ever.

    kate: me too… meeeee toooooo.

    d.lo: our outback dinner was magic… PURE magic. as well as our luxury diner experience. man, i’d say it was all worth it for the special dates we got to have in cheyenne.

    and yes. 4-Runner irish wake is definitely in order… as soon as i can tilt my head back without wincing.

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