pull their shoulders back.

New obsession with this one:

[song more attractive than lead singer.]

I think we should all run around in the warmth of the sun and dance to this… preferably in the ocean… preferably now…

but i'm still, i'm still an animal.

Somersaulting into some new go-tos these days, slowly but powerfully.  The lips that press back.

New Go-To: [you’ve heard me speak of her so, so highly before… but yes and yes] Miranda July.

The simple things.  The passages that didn’t hit before but burst now:

“I was helping kids left and right.  I was tapping in to their essential energies and leading them, if not into literacy, at least toward eventual pleasure.  I wanted all of them to know love one day.  I wanted the girls to pull back their shoulders and walk fearlessly into darkness.  I wanted the boys to settle down a little.”

Nobody knows it but me when I slip, yeah I slip…

presidential crowd pleasers.

Talking to clients about American Presidents might be my new favorite thing.

[must remind that i work with adults with mental disabilities.]

Sometimes clients will catch staff talking about politics and want to give their two cents.  A conversation recently turned to the subject of “Favorite President of All Time” and Sandy, a client, wanted to discuss.

– Who’s your favorite president, Sandy?

– Ummm… I think mine would have to be Hammerhead Lincoln.

Oh man.


Who’s favorite president ISN’T Hammerhead Lincoln?

President Hammerhead Lincoln.

And just when I thought it couldn’t get any better…

– I like the one we have now.

– Oh yeah, Lou Ann?  Who’s that?

– La Bamba… the black one.

Oh my goodness…

President Barack La Bamba.

I don’t even know what to say.  Too Awesome.


Yes, yes… I know.  This blahg should just be renamed to “Pictures of Rachel That She Took of Herself on Her Computer.com”  So, why wouldn’t I follow suit for Christmas?

Plus my family hasn’t even got to see my face today… on Christmas…

a thumbs-up christmas.

It was a good Christmas.  It’s not even done yet!  I just got done taking some turns on the local ski hill with some good buds, loved ones.  Amazing.  I am a lucky girl.  A lucky girl with a sore thumb, still, but lucky.

Christmas time is a bit crazy sometimes.  About a week ago, I was overwhelmed with the busyness of loved ones around me.  In that time, those conversations, love flooded over me.  I know it’s cheesy, love is, but I really did have such a heart for just the people in my life… through all their busyness.  You.  [that’s you.]

During this crazy time, this well-lit time, this traveling time, this adventure time, this family time, I ask you to pause.  Take a break from your work, your studies, your running around, your sport, your preoccupation, yourself.  Breathe in, exhale, sit down, face the fact that you are loved.  Despite all your faults, all your woes, even though you’re a little bit of an asshole, you are beautiful in my life.  The beauty in the truth, despite imperfection, of you is what I rejoice in this season.

No matter how small or big a role you play in this world I know, I thank you.

It’s a thumbs-up kinda day.

Happy Holidays!

[tons and tons of love.]


Oh, I’m laughing at myself.  I just realized I typed “business” instead of “busyness” a couple of times… awesome.

My friends’ business… makes me think of… that’s right… business time…

too much.

Beckett is the four-year-old stud that I babysit.  He really is awesome.

The other night, I had to pick him up from his parents’ Christmas party.

I arrived and was a little taken back by how excited Beckett was about Christmas partying… running around, eating handfuls of candy, running more.

Wow.  This will be a fun night.

So, after babysitting for the rest of the Live Water Property kiddos for a whole two seconds, I pulled Beckett away from the party by bribing him with gingerbread house-making.

We get home.

Run around more.

So, we’re running and Beckett takes a half-assed fall and I expect him to get right back up and start running again but instead he starts BAWLING… like, reeeeeeally, really crying.

I run up to him, confused, and ask…

– Beckettt, babe, what’s the matter?

– [in the crying so hard voice] I had too much sugar!


It took a lot not to laugh.  So I just held him and laughed to myself a bit.

Told him…

– Oh, it’s okay, darling… it happens to all of us.